What's Wrong with Yo Face!?

The other day I saw a headline on US Weekly's website that I absolutely had to click on:

Doctors Explain: What's Wrong with Angelina's Face

Ladies and gentlemen, Livin' the Dream officially has a new feature.

According to the article Angelina Jolie had some kind of plastic surgery so it makes these weird indentations on the side of her face. You can read the article for yourself because instead of comprehending what it was saying, I was thinking of a new column for the blog.

Welcome to "What's Wrong with Yo Face!?"

This section won't just be about terrible-looking faces, but trust me there will be bonus points if I find something like that worth posting. Instead we're going to post fashion flops of the famous. Everything from terrible dresses to hairstyles to ridiculous going to Starbucks outfits. And of course, there will be commentary. Hopefully it's witty.

So let's try it shall we?

The jacket alone is okay. The shoes alone are okay. But together? Oooh Paula, the red explosion is not a good look for you. Is this what happens now that you're not working? I say you should "Rush, Rush" back to your stylist for another alternative.

Where is Ciara that it's cold enough out that she has to wear this furry feathered monstrosity to stay warm, yet it's warm enough out that she can wear shorts?

Geez Akon. What a ridiculous black tshirt you're wearing! So so flashy. Also, how much would it suck to have to sit behind Lady Gaga at any awards show. How many celebs do you think specifically request to not sit behind her? I so would.

Well if this new feature is lame, let me know. I think it was a valiant first effort. And congratulations, you got two posts out of me tonight. I'm spent. Tomorrow we will do awards and a post on why Jersey Shore is awesome...but why it could also be in trouble. Stay tuned. Good night everybody!