Super Bowl Commercial Breakdown

The Super Bowl might come and go but the commercials live on forever. Even a few days after the big game, I'm still getting Youtube videos of faves and flops. But what did I think? Well I'm glad you asked.

The Super Bowl has become a really unique event and I think that's especially because of the whole tradition of the commercials. You never hear anyone say I can't wait to see the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball National Championship Game commercials or I bet game 7 of the World Series finals will have awesome commercials. It's something you only hear about at the Super Bowl. Ere go, the commercials are a big part of what makes a good Super Bowl experience year in and year out.

So I was a little disappointed this year, I'm not gonna lie. There was nothing that lasting about any of them, nothing that made me keep talking about them or even wanting to talk about them for days after. Nothing packed a punch, nothing that let out a good ole fashioned Amanda-style guffaw. They were just...mildly pleasant. Just...enjoyable. Just...meh.

Having said that, here are my top five favorite commercials of the night with video. They're not ranked, they're just my favorites:

Snickers with Betty White and Abe Vigoda

This was one of the first ones of the night so it must mean it was a good one if I was able to remember it through a five hour stint of chicken wings, homemade mozzarella balls, spinach dip and lemon bars. And beer. It was a great use of celebrities - who doesn't love Betty White? And Snickers did a great job of proving what their product is all about. Without a Snickers, you'll play ball like Betty White. Overall rating: 3 guffaws.

Hyundai with Brett Favre in 10 years

Brett Favre just went up a few notches in my book for making fun of himself in this one. It's current and shoot it's true. Overall rating: 3.5 guffaws

Dwight and LeBron play HORSE for McDonald's

I thought this was a good commercial as it was but when I did some research and learned that this is a New Millenium version of the iconic Bird vs. Jordan McDonald's HORSE commercial, this one immediately shot up in my mind. You have the two best dunkers in the league who aren't even 25 yet (I think), not to mention two of the best personalities in the NBA. After watching the Jordan-Bird commercial, there are so many subtleties in the new version that alludes to the old that it just makes the new one awesome. When Dwight says "No jump shots" - classic. Dwight can't exactly do this. The ONLY thing that I couldn't stand was that I think most of the dunks were computerized. I really wish that they had done more original stuff because we could have seen a mini-dunk contest of our own. Overall though? Still awesome.

Bud Light Synthesizing Guys

The synthesizer craze is long from dead so get on board. The guy brushing his teeth is my favorite. But the best part of the whole thing? T-Pain. The Synthesizer King himself. Has anyone ever even heard his real voice? But once again, where is the top hat!? Still, love me some T-Pain. Classic celeb appearance. Good work Bud Light.


Simple, poetic, memorable and to the point. This one wins Best of the Night for sure. Take that Bing. Your commercials suck.

Honorable Mention:
Bud Light stranded on an island - The best part of this one was when the guy at the end changes the radio station and everyone starts dancing.
Volkswagen punch buggy - Who doesn't remember that classic game? But I thought you were only supposed to do it when a punch buggy came around? Not at the first sight of a Volkswagen.
Bud Light house

And now for the worst of the bunch. These do not get the privilege of having an embedded video:

Tim Tebow's "controversial" commercial
Ugh I just watched this again and it made me want to throw up in my mouth all over again. This was terrible. They might as well have been at Olive Garden. First of all, I thought this was supposed to mention something about his mom almost getting an abortion and so that's why it was supposed to be so ::gasp:: controversial. If I didn't know the back story to this, I'd have no idea why I was supposed to care. Then, he TACKLES HIS MOM. Then the gay pop-up. And the pose at the end. Let's just move on.

Coke sleepwalking commercial
I guess since Pepsi pulled out of the Great Commercial Race, the Coke ad execs decided to take the rest of the week off because this screamed "we mailed it in." Too long and nothing happened. I almost fell asleep watching it.

Mark Sanchez
The only reason he cares is because the more women that have heart attacks means the less women available for him to sleep with. He was really the best that CBS and the NFL could come up with? Leave it to CBS to make another terrible business decision.

All of the ones for GoDaddy
I'm not even linking out to any of these. They're stupid.

Boost Mobile Shuffle
This could have been so much better! It's the 25th anniversary of the original Super Bowl Shuffle so this could have been legit. Too bad Boost Mobile thought of it because what did we get instead? Mike Ditka saying "That's fresh" and McMahon pointing out the cheetah print thong his lineman is wearing. ::shudder::

Audi green police
This started out funny, then it dragged on and now I am terrified that a police officer is going to chase after me in a Segway everytime I don't recycle in Davis. Actually if I was in Davis, it wouldn't be a cop on a Segway so much as a barefoot hippie on a bike.

Charles Barkley Taco Bell rap
Charles Barkley can't even speak regular English. Why would Taco Bell ever think he'd be good at rapping? Lamar almost salvaged this one but they at least should have had him make a joke about candy or something.

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