The John Mayer Enigma

I found an actually interesting about John Mayer on Yahoo the other day. The title was "Why Do People Loathe John Mayer?". An article in "Details" magazine (never heard of it) basically asks the question of why people can't stand John Mayer. And his answers were pretty surprising and actually made me think that maybe he's not that bad after all.

It's true though. When John Mayer does anything but make music, he is kind of a giant dbag. From his Twitters to his romantic escapades, he just always comes off as an ass.

But apparently he is aware of this. And I guess he has no problem with it.

So does this make him more of a dbag? Does he come off as a lot more self-absorbed because he just doesn't care what people think?

I don't think that he doesn't care. I think he actually does care and I think it might even bother him that people give him a hard time.

I'm not sure if some of you out there have ever known a musician in your life, but I've known a couple and they are well, different from the average bear. Without their instrument, be it voice, guitar, piano, harmonica, whatever, they don't always know the best way to express themselves. Guys and girls I've known that are musicians are often reserved and don't want to be in the spotlight unless they're playing for people. They're just different.

For the most part, I think this is how John Mayer is. For the most part. This doesn't explain his random (and often borderline inappropriate) Twitters but let's face it. Twitter is first of all another way to protect yourself while you tell people how you really feel about things. And second, there are a lot worse things that people are putting on the Internet these days. Somehow it's become just a free for all for people to post whatever they want, whenever they want. I think it's terrible that people don't always take into consideration the repercussions of what they post on the internet, but that's another post for another time.

Then there's the whole dating celebrities thing. Think about this. How many super famous people can you name that are dating someone who is not also a celebrity? I'd be impressed if you could name me more than five. I think celebs are drawn to each other because they go through the same life experiences. Paparazzi, fabulous parties, long hours on set or in the studio is hard for those not in the business to understand. If you have a significant other, doesn't it make it easier if they understand your lifestyle/interests/career? And if you're not with someone right now, wouldn't you want to be with someone who gets that stuff too? So I don't think John Mayer is dating famous people just to be like "I'm John Mayer, I do what I want." I think as someone who comes off as pretty introverted to me, he wants someone who appreciates a quiet night at home. Now, the fact that the people he dates always end up being drop dead gorgeous is another story. Do I ever see John Mayer dating someone "normal looking"? No. So maybe this is where he starts to seem a little self-centered. It's a fine line my friends. A fine line.

The fact that he has a vast collection of women's leather bags is just disturbing. But come on, again, what celebrity out there doesn't own a bunch of ridiculous stuff. I hear Nicolas Cage owned a poisonous snake AND the antidote for the venom in case someone got bit. It's what you do when you're a celebrity. Cars, snakes, women's purses, whatever. You make money to spend it.

So bottom line is, John Mayer is an enigma. Hence the title of this post. But after reading this article, I honestly don't think he means to come off as an ass. It just kind of happens if you can believe that. I think at the end of the day he just wants to make music and play his guitar. Really it's pretty simple when you think about it. But I also think that sometimes he takes a little bit of satisfaction in putting that zinger up on Twitter or getting photographed with Jennifer Aniston on his arm. Just a little bit.


Video of the Day Thanksgiving Edition

If you haven't seen the show Glee, seriously what are you waiting for?

This is a video of the cast singing the National Anthem at Game 3 of the World Series in September or whenever that was. Le. Git.


Potluck Etiquette 101

The holidays are upon us which means it's time for family, friends and food. And with food usually comes everyone's favorite: the potluck. Today I had my first official potluck of the holiday season and there were a few, well, observations that were made. So I thought I would make a simple how-to guide to navigating the potluck. Enjoy.

Sign up for something legit. Don't be that guy who writes down "napkins" when everyone else is about to go out and drop 20-30 bucks on a halfway decent potluck item. You by no means need to go out and pull a Martha Stewart on everyone but come on. At least make the attempt to couple a few items together and bring like napkins AND soup. This is your disclaimer: you look like a cheapskate and people will make jokes about you for years.

Also, if you forget or are just too busy to contribute to the potluck, just man up and say so. Don't try to just buddy up with someone and claim that you and someone else have a "joint" item. Especially if the item is salad. A "joint salad"? Really? At least if you're going to try and cover up the fact that you're the guy that didn't bring anything try to join up with someone who brought something legit. "Joint yams" or "joint mashed potatoes and gravy" sounds a lot better than "joint salad". Oh and you probably shouldn't let us see you pouring the store bought bag of salad into a bowl five seconds before everyone is about to eat. So if your forget, your first option should be to man up and apologize and say you forgot. Second option is to join forces with someone whose dish is a good one.

Okay so you make the decision to be that guy who is just going to bring napkins. Fine. Well then for the love of sweet baby Jesus, don't be the first person in line to get your food. Have some sense of decency and courtesy and a) let your boss go first, b) let a LADY go first or c) let someone who actually spent more than $3.99 on their item go first. I mean it's really just all about manners at this point.

Similarly, if you are that guy that just brought napkins, the least you can do is use your own napkins to then help to clean up. Likewise, if you forget/straight up don't bring an item, you really should offer to clean up. Again, manners people.

Finally, the clean up is really the trickiest part of the whole potluck experience because frankly, no one wants to do it. But here is one small rule of thumb. If you did not bring the item, you should find out who did before you straight up just throw away any leftovers. Maybe someone wanted to keep those deviled eggs.

Overall, nobody really likes pot lucks. They're kind of a hassle, nobody has the time to make something or really the money to go out and buy something to contribute. And if you're like me you're paranoid about if anyone will actually eat what you brought.

So there you go. Your friendly guide to all things potluck just in time for the holiday season.

Good luck everyone.


Why is This News?

Welcome to the new and improved version of Why is This News? Today we have two articles for your head-scratching pleasure.

In addition to asking myself "Why on earth is this news?", I also said a lot of things when I saw this article about Food Network sweetheart Paula Dean. The headline itself is enough to really make you wonder what these gossip sites subject us to. I mean I can kind of see it as it's a story about a celebrity who got hurt. But how many of you out there honestly know who Paula Dean is? I probably wouldn't if my mom didn't watch her every day. So I can see this story on Food Network's website but US Magazine? Seems like a stretch.

Plus they couldn't think of a headline that didn't involve "whacked" and "flying ham"? I think that's what makes this story the worst. Once again, I lend my media relations expertise and come up with: Paula Dean Doing Ok After Fluke Injury at Thanksgiving Food Drive.

Our next article is about the extremely talented actor Brad Pitt. Apparently his new look isn't going over so well with some in the celeb styling business.

I don't know why he has chosen to sport the beard but who cares? This goes up there with Ashlee Simpson dying her hair. I think my favorite part is when they bring in all of these "experts" to analyze exactly why he has decided to grow a beard. One Thousand Beards: A Cultural History of Facial Hair? Amazing.

Why is this news?


New Link

I love cake. I think it is so delicious. So what could be better than a site devoted entirely to cakes?

How about a site devoted entirely to cakes that fail at life?

I present to you Cake Wrecks

Take a look through some of the pictures. The commentary is also hilarious. I'll be adding this to my list of favorite links here on LTD.


The Twilight People are Super Annoying

I don't even have a catchy title for my first official post on the brand new home of Livin the Dream. I mean it is what it is really. The people from Twilight are super annoying. I guess maybe not all of them. But that's because you don't hear about any of them except for the two main characters: Robert Pattinson, the one with the fabulous hair, and Kristen Stewart who looks like she would always rather be anywhere but doing press for the movie currently making her millions of dollars.

Okay so let me preface this by saying I have never read the Twilight books but I have seen the Twilight movie because Monica is my best friend and I will do anything for her. But I don't get it. I hear that if you read the book it's easier to understand the obsession with this Edward person but I still don't see it. To me it's still a vampire love story and that's just not my thing. So I'm sorry Twilight but I tried. Maaaaaybe in like five years I'll read the book like I did with Harry Potter. But that's a giant maybe.

What I do know is that I hear waaaay too much about the people in this movie. First of all, there are like 25 characters in the movie Twilight which is way too many to keep track of. And all of them are on OMG! and US Weekly's website pretty much every day for something. And I don't know who they are because I'm not "in" with Twilight. But they talk about the main characters the most. Let me break it down. Robert Pattinson plays Edward who is a vampire and has amazing hair. Kristin Stewart plays Bella who, as far as I can tell, is this emo girl teenager who doesn't like to make friends or speak clearly. Edward and Bella are in love but it's like a forbidden love because he's a vampire and so he innately wants to kill her and get at her blood but he doesn't. So they can't get too close but he has some vow that he's made to protect her forever.

So now that we've gotten that out of the way, I see these two everywhere. Seriously, everywhere. But here's the biggest thing about them. The love scenes they have in the movie(s) are pretty steamy and intense because they are portraying this whole forbidden love thing so of course all of my favorite gossip sites turn that into this giant guessing game of are they or aren't they. Are they together? Apparently inquiring minds want to know. I am not one of these inquiring minds.

I guess as an actor, especially one that has such a strong recurring role, this is something you have to be prepared for. BUT, I do this for a living and I see one really big flaw with how all of the Twilight people are handling this situation. You need to come at everyone with one solid statement regarding your stance. And then stick to it. And they are not doing that at all. So this is why I am irritated with these two and their whole media camp.

If you're not together, DON'T DO THIS. If you are in no way an item and want to completely dispel that rumor, DON'T DO THIS.

Seriously Twilight people? Your movie is making millions of dollars for you and you can't find someone smarter to handle this issue. The point isn't if they are together but denying it. There is nothing wrong with that. You can deny what you want till you're blue in the face. The point is that they are saying one thing and then doing another and that does not make for successful rumor squashing. If they aren't together, then it's time for someone to craft a statement along the lines of "Kristin/Robert is a great actor/actress and I really enjoy working with him/her. Our relationship however is strictly professional. Off camera we are very very good friends and enjoy spending time together, but we maintain a completely professional relationship both on and off the set of Twilight." Bam. This must be why they pay me the big bucks at UC Davis because I just came up with that in like a minute. Again, even if they are doing the hippity dippity on the side, if they don't want people to know or whatever, then that's fine. But you cannot say one thing and then go off and go to clubs all by themselves and not expect people to talk about this. They can't say oh no no we're not together, that's ridiculous and then go on giant radio shows (because as much as I hate Ryan Seacrest, his radio show is giant) and then have their so-called publicist straight up cut off the interview. How does that look? Terrible. You can't avoid the issue, but evading makes it even worse. So bust out your statement, read it off a piece of paper if you have to, but that should be the mantra you live by.

In conclusion, as far as I'm concerned, the Twilight people are not handling their media relations. And I hope you also learned something about the business I work in.

Now it's time to write a swim recap...


Welcome to the New and Improved LTD

Hello friends of Livin' the Dream!

Welcome to the new and improved home for your (hopefully) favorite spot for celeb gossip, ridiculous wedding planning stories, rants about the bike riders in Davis and oh so much more.

I've made the decision to continue LTD here on Blogspot or Google Blogger or whatever it's called because I was feelin a bit constrained over on Vox. I had a great time there but there were a few key aspects that I needed to completely fulfill my blogging experience. I couldn't rearrange my sidebar, I couldn't track how many people were reading, I just couldn't do a lot of the things that other people can do with their blogs.

Here's the catch. Another issue with Vox? Oh yeah, if you choose to leave there's no way to export your posts and import them to the new blog.

So we're starting all over again. But this is a good thing. New home, new look, maybe some new features. Maybe some new fans?

And congrats Nick... you can now post comments.