Video of the Day 3/29/11 - Not Shocking Edition

Chad Ochocinco/Johnson/the wide receiver from the Cincinnati Bengals has decided that in the event of the NFL lockout he needs a new career to fall back on. And since he played soccer in high school, well why not just join the MLS?

Um because you haven't played soccer since high school?

Sporting KC played a scrimmage basically against the equivalent of an MLS D-League team and Ochocinco got in for the last 30 minutes and was... well... let's just go to the video:

I'm not saying the MLS is on the level of the EPL or La Liga, but frankly, he's not going to hack it. The only thing I can picture him being is like a third or fourth string forward who goes in late in the game just so that balls can be served over the top to him and he can try and outsprint defenders. He is fast, I'll give him that, but he lacks... well... everything else.

At least the coach was easy on him. Not. (about 35 seconds in to the video)

I will say, this would be a phenomenal marketing tool for Sporting KC because honestly, this is the first time I've ever even heard of them. Are they just the renamed Kansas City Wiz? I'm so confused.


Video of the Day 3/23/11 - Awesome Fail Edition

Coming from someone who struggled with the warmup bib for a good 10 years, I can't help but empathize with Manchester City's Mario Balotelli:

His teammate Edin Dzeko? Not so empathetic...


Video of the Day 3/22/11 - Chris Brown is Over It Edition

This morning Chris Brown was on Good Morning America to take about the release of his new album F.A.M.E. which drops today. Robin Roberts, however, seemed to have a different agenda and wanted to only talk - still - about everything that went down between him and Rihanna two years ago. Chris Brown gets a little bit irritated, especially at the 1:50 mark.

Apparently afterward, he sang a song, went to his dressing room, threw himself a little temper tantrum, ripped his shirt off Hulk style, left and of course wrote something on Twitter.

I've always been pretty conflicted about Chris Brown because while I absolutely do not condone what he did in any way, at the same time, I can't help but turn his songs up just a little bit louder in the car. He makes good music. And I think he's served his time and took responsibility for his actions and all that. So yeah, I do think he's justified in being irritated when he comes on a show to promote his new album which is his pride and joy and yet all Robin Roberts can talk about is all the bad shit that's gone down in his life for the past two years.

Why bring it up at all? Yes, okay so you lead in with "hey last time we talked you weren't doing so hot..." but then why keep bringing it all up? I feel that's what Robin Roberts did here... she's talking about it just for the sake of talking about it. Let the poor guy move on with his music and his life. He knows this is something that is going to hang over him for a looooooong time. He certainly doesn't need Good Morning America reminding him of that.

Oh and CB? The platinum blonde dye job? Not a good look...


Video of the Day 3/17/11 - Ballet is Hard Edition

This has nothing to do with St. Patrick's Day but it's way too cute not to post on LTD.


Video of the Day 3/16/11 - Cabbage Patch Edition

Let me get something straight right now. I don't like the Miami Heat. But I do like Dwyane Wade even though I can't spell his name. Always have, probably always will. But I still don't like the Heat.

This video is sick. Spin move, two-handed throw down, and then... the Cabbage Patch.


Video of the Day 3/11/11 - Blake Who? Edition

By now everyone's seen Blake Griffin's final dunk from the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest. If you haven't, basically he jumps over the hood of a Kia Optima as an alley oop pass is thrown to him and slams a two-handed jam down.

Well Blake. That was awesome and you are definitely awesome. But the fine people over at And1 have done you one better... much, much better.

Sorry Blake. Convertible trumps Kia Optima. Through the legs trumps two-handed slamma jamma. And1 trumps Kenny Smith as your coach and a gospel choir singing "I Believe I Can Fly".

Your move, Griffin.


Can We Get Some Music In Here Please?

I have a decent 20-minute commute back and forth to work every day, which means lots of radio time.  Which also means that I have discovered just how awful the music out there is today.  And I'm into some pretty bad music.  I mean, have you seen how many Glee songs I have in my iTunes playlist?

All I'm saying is I'm getting tired of hearing Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Rihanna on repeat on the 10 or so presets I have on my radio. Bruno Mars' newest song is about how he wants to be lazy and do nothing all day long. It has the word "Snuggie" in it. I can't even make this up.

So the following list has been compiled of artists that need to come out with new music so that I don't get carpal tunnel in my pointer finger from pressing the radio preset buttons 108 times during my 20 minute drive:

1. Kelly Clarkson - The last album from the original American Idol was "All I Ever Wanted" which came out in March of 2009. It was a fantastic album and I miss me some Kelly Clarkson. Most recently, she's done a few duets, namely with country stars Reba McIntire and Jason Aldean and the songs she's been on have also been pretty fantastic. Not that I want her to go to a pure country route anytime soon, but hearing her back on the radio made me pretty nostalgic.  Well imagine my surprise when I saw on her Twitter (yes I follow her) that she is completing her final song on the new album which will be released within the next month!  Super pumped to hear what she comes out with next.

2. Justin Timberlake - Everything JT touches turns to gold, but it's time for him to stop acting and dueting and get back to the studio to put out his own album.  Futuresex/Lovesounds came out when I was living in PULLMAN for crying out loud.  Stop voicing the animated booger on The Cleveland Show and start bringing sexy back because if anybody can bring sexy back twice in less than 5 years, it's Justin Timberlake. Not sure how valid these rumors are, but apparently he is dropping a new album this year. Don't mess with my emotions JT.  Also you should tweet more.

3. Josh Kelley - SO excited that Josh Kelley's newest CD is coming out March 22.  Even though he's married to Katherine Heigl and I think she's awful, he is a fantastic singer and his lyrics are always amazing.  He recently came out with Georgia Clay, which has been getting some play on the country charts and it's been a really easy transition for him.  Although his stuff doesn't get played on mainstream radio that often, it will be nice to have a new album from him to listen to at work.

4. David Cook - This isn't going to be a very popular choice, mainly because most of you readers out there have no clue who this is.  David Cook won American Idol in season seven and his debut album is still a fave of mine. He's got a great voice and puts a lot of emotion into everything he sings. Apparently he's working on his second album now and it should also becoming out this year.  In the meantime, he did a cover song of "Don't You Forget About Me" aka The Breakfast Club song and apparently this is going to be the send off song every time an American Idol contestant gets eliminated this year.  I guess we'll find out tonight if that's true. Not gonna lie, I didn't like the preview I heard on iTunes but I still think his next album will be legit.

5. John Mayer - So John Mayer's last album came out in 2009 so I guess it's too soon for another one. Maybe that means the radio can just start playing more of him and less of everyone else?

Good news: most of my list should have new stuff coming out this year.  Bad news: I still have to hear about Bruno Mars wanting to catch a grenade for me.

Unbelieberable... Or Something

Sounds like the Biebs is having a rough Thursday.

Right now, yes, at this very moment, the good people at US Weekly have revealed BREAKING news that Justin Bieber and his recently shorn locks are trapped... TRAPPED I say... inside a London hotel room as a mob of preteens has gathered outside the hotel and a riot of epic proportions could break out at any second. Any. Second.

Apparently London police are saying that JB could get arrested for inciting a riot. That sucks. He can't control the teenyboppers. I was one once. When you have the chance to catch a glimpse of the person you've been semi-stalking for the last year or however long Bieber Fever has been around, you'll do anything and you don't care what legal system might stand in your way.

Here are the most important things to take away from today's incident:

1. CNN's Breaking News Twitter - which I follow because I'm trying to know more about the actual world and less about things like Nicole Richie and Joel Madden fighting over her buying $3,000 pillows (I side with Joel Madden in this one by the way) - posted a tweet about this incident.

2. Justin Bieber has a swagger coach. That is all.


Video of the Day: That's Only in the Morning Edition

Shoutout to Tyler for this gem.  Please do yourself a favor and watch until the 1:30 mark.



Sports + Hilarity = Go Read This

My brother has started a new sports blog and it's amazing.  Do yourself a favor and go check this out.