Movie Marathon Weekend

So the cable provider I can no longer afford, better known as AT&T UVerse, offered a free preview of all the movie channels and I think some sports channels that I don't currently have.  Somehow though the Laker game tonight was still blacked out on FSW so thanks for that UVerse.

Basically I went through all the channels and DVRed a bunch of movies that I've been wanting to see. Will they still be on my DVR when this preview thing is over? No idea.

So without further ado, here are some reviews of the movies I watched this weekend:

Valentine's Day - This is the movie that has literally every popular celebrity today in it: Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx, Ashton Kutcher, Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts... and that's not even half the cast.  It was teeeeeerrible.  Seriously don't bother with this one. Two thumbs down.

Postgrad - Rory from Gilmore Girls plays a girl who graduates from college and is denied a position at her dream job and so has to move back in with her parents while she tries to find work.  She's a good actress, but it was too much like Gilmore Girls: The Sequel to be honest.  The supporting cast however was pretty fantastic.  Jane Lynch and Michael Keaton are hysterical as her wacky parents and the guy who plays Matt Sarasen on Friday Night Lights is in the role of her best friend slash boy she realizes she (of course) loves. He is smoking hot. The end. One thumb up, one thumb sideways.

Whip It - This was a lot better than I thought it was going to be and I actually pretty highly recommend it.  Ellen Page is turning out to be a really good actress, although do you think she gets annoyed with the fact that she's like 26 but plays 16 year olds in all of her movies?  She is really good in this movie as a girl who lives in the middle of nowhere Texas and is forced to suffer through beauty pageants and a part-time job at the local burger stand... until she discovers an all-girls roller derby league.  The supporting cast was great in this one too with Drew Barrymore and Kristen Wiig from Saturday Night Live as her teammates.  The action was good as was the plotline.  Highly recommended. Two thumbs up.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona - Scarlet Johansson plays a girl who travels to Barcelona for the summer after college with her friend and ends up meeting Javier Bardem's character.  Before you know it, she's caught up in a very different kind of romance with him and his ex-wife who's juuuuust a little bit on the crazy side.  The synopsis of this one is kind of hard to explain as there are a few subplots mixed in.  It was weird though. Penelope Cruz definitely steals the show and her performance is worth picking this one up.  Guys will also like it because of Scarlet Johansson who annoys me to no end, but ladies don't worry. Javier Bardem is plenty of eye candy on his own.  Two thumbs sideways.

I have a few more that I have yet to watch so stay tuned for more reviews:
The Fall
Role Models
The Time Traveler's Wife
Revolutionary Road
Paper Heart
Up in the Air
The Blind Side
X-Men Origins: Wolverine


Video of the Day 11/18/10: Campeones del Mundo Edition

That means World Champions and no I'm not talking about the San Francisco Giants.

Spain revealed their new national team jerseys via a... well... interesting commercial from Adidas.  Check it out:


Can You Blame Him Though?

Before I get into this post I have one request of all four of you that actually still read this: I have not read the last Harry Potter book. I know nothing about what happens. Seriously nothing. I'd like to keep it that way. Thanks.

On Saturday, part one of the final Harry Potter book/movie will hit big screens.  Part two comes out in June or July of next year I believe and then that's that.  The end of a true era when you think about it.  It's been 10 years, seven books, eight movies, and a whoooooole lotta dollars.

But is this it?

Apparently J.K. Rowling, author of the HP books, is now saying she's not ruling out the possibility that she will write more books about the young wizard with the weird scar.

So how does Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter in all of the movies, feel about this?  Well... it sounds like he's kind of pissed.

Seriously though, can you blame him?  This kid has played Harry Potter - and only Harry Potter - for 10 years.  He's said his goodbyes to the character and has prepared himself for the next chapter in his career.  And now he's hearing through the grapevine that Ms. Rowling might not be done with him yet?

He says he wouldn't come back if she started writing more books that they turned into movies and frankly I say good for him.  You know how hard it's going to be for him to play a role where people don't look at him and think "That's Harry Potter"?  He tried doing a live play where he had to come out onstage naked and people lost it because ::gasp:: that's Harry Potter.  He's been hardcore typecast and it isn't going to be easy to break that.

And it's not just him. I'm sure all of these kids want to move on with their lives, especially since they have already gone ahead and wrapped up this chapter.  They've said their goodbyes and I'm sure they just want to enjoy these last few months and then look to other projects.

So I'm with Harry... er Daniel Radcliffe.  Let's all say our goodbyes to Harry Potter next summer and move on with our lives.  This means you too J.K. Rowling.


Book Review: American Wife

American Wife
Author: Curtis Sittenfeld (who is a woman)
Genre: Fiction but apparently based on some real events
Number of Pages: 555
Where I Got It: Own it.

First line: "Have I made terrible mistakes?"

Alice Lindgren is a normal girl who grows up in normal suburbia Wisconsin when a terrible tragedy turns her life upside down.  As she moves past it and begins to establish her adult life, she meets Charlie.  They fall in love, marry and Alice finds herself the doting wife of a man who eventually becomes President of the United States. She discovers that she is married to a man she both loves and fundamentally disagrees with - and that her private beliefs increasingly run against her public persona.  As her husband's presidency enters its second term, Alice must confront contradictions years in the making and face questions nearly impossible to answer.

So it's been said that this book mirrors the life of Laura Bush and it's pretty apparent, especially when "Charlie" finally does become President and Alice is talking about life in the White House.  September 11th, the decision to go to war, and the ensuing criticisms are all discussed in detail so it becomes pretty easy to figure out who the author is really painting a picture of.

This book did make me want to learn more about the life of Laura Bush because if the events in the book really are that similar to her real life, she lived a pretty interesting pre-First Lady life. Will we ever get the real answers for how she felt about the decisions her husband made as President? Probably not.  But if the parallels this book draws between Alice and the real Laura Bush are that similar, then I'm really fascinated by Mrs. Bush's story.

Otherwise, the book was up and down for me.  Some parts were great and really emotional and I got really drawn in to the characters and what Alice went through.  Then some parts made me feel like I was reading straight chick lit and I didn't like that at all. Then I'd be back in Alice's head following right along as she watched Charlie make decisions that affected the whole country that she didn't necessarily agree with and I was sucked in again.

Don't rush out to pick this one up but it's decently interesting and a quick read for a plane ride or something like that.

Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Coming Up Next: Under the Dome by Stephen King
On an entirely normal, beautiful fall day in Chester's Mill, Maine, the town is inexplicably and suddenly sealed off from the rest of the world by an invisible force field. Planes crash into it and fall from the sky in flaming wreckage, a gardener's hand is severed as "the dome" comes down on it, people running errands in the neighboring town are divided from their families, and cars explode on impact. No one can fathom what this barrier is, where it came from, and when — or if — it will go away.


Live Blog: Dancing with the Stars 200th Episode

Tonight, Dancing with the Stars will air its 200th episode. As the opening number and credits rolled, I said to Chloe "Man lovebug, I should be live blogging this." So I am.

As always with a LTD live blog, the time stamp is not accurate because I DVR like crazy.

Let's go!

9:00 - The opening number with all of the pros from the past 11 season was SICK. Man those dancers can move. Then they go through each season and show the celebrities from that season who are in the audience tonight. This is not sick. Not very well rehearsed, I couldn't tell who half the people were, and nobody was there from season 6. Oops. Of course when they show season 10's contestants, it's Erin Andrews, Jake the Bachelor and Evan Lysacek the figure skater. Shocking. Erin Andrews is owned by ABC, Jake technically is too, and I heard a rumor that tonight they will be previewing "Skating with the Stars" which sounds absolutely terrible but I guess that's why Evan is here.

9:03 - Tonight they are going to do team dances BUT, says Brooke Burke, there's a twist. Each team will have a former champ as their captain. I guess they're more legit, but a pro can teach me a dance any day over the so-called captains.

9:04 - The captains are Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Anton Ohno. Um Team Apolo all the way thanks. Apolo, Derek Hough AND Maks on the same team? Yes please.

9:07 - So I guess Team Kristi is first because they are showing their practice. At first I thought they were just recreating the freestyle dance that Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark did, but now apparently they are cha-cha-ing. I am so confused.

9:10 - Ok so yes here goes Team Kristi. Rick Fox is a giant but he moves really well. Bristol Palin wasn't so bad and Kyle and Lacey are really fun to watch. This isn't bad at all.

9:14 - Wow Brooke Burke. Please let them finish speaking before you cut them off. Ugh she is terrible. How do I audition for this job? Team Kristi gets a 24 out of 30.

9:18 - Back from commercial and I'm pretty sure Derek currently has on a fake soul patch like Apolo has. This could be epic.

9:20 - So let me get this straight. Apolo and Kristi are captains, but they don't do the choreography, they don't watch practices and they don't offer any kind of criticism. So what would you say you do?

9:24 - Loved it. Plus all three guys all had fake soul patches on. Chloe gives it 4 paws. Bruno can't stand it. He has to stand up and do the cabbage patch or the butterfly or something.

9:26 - 27 points for Team Apolo. Their captain has just said unbelievable 7 times in 30 seconds. Team high fives! Cuuuuute.

9:28 - So now it's time for round two. And apparently each couple is going to recreate an iconic dance from someone from a past season. AND that person is going to be... wait for it... a guest judge for that dance. It is getting CRAZY around here.

9:29 - First up is Mel B aka Scary Spice. Fun fact: Maks spends Thanksgiving with Mel B and her family sometimes. Buuuuut neither of them were born in America...

9:31 - Kyle and Lacey will be dancing the Maks and Mel B paso. Which means Kyle is playing the part of Maks. This is Kyle. This is Maks. K good luck Kyle.

9:34 - Len says it was his best dance. Mel B was blown away. Bruno calls him an untamed young bull and says "testosterone" (awkward) but then critiques his shoulders. Carrie Ann liked it. Chloe can hardly contain her excitement:

9:37 - 35 out of 40 for Kyle and Lacey for 59 on the night.  Mel B gave him a 10.  I'm not a psychic or anything but I feel like that could be a trend tonight...

9:38 - Our next guest judge is season 3 champ Emmitt Smith.

9:38 - Okay I have to just say that this season of Dancing with the Stars has more light effects, more smoke, more lasers and explosions and set changes and props than ever before.  Every single time someone comes out I feel like I'm watching the ESPYs or the VMAs or some other low budget awards show.

9:40 - So of all the couples to dance Emmitt's tango, it's Kurt Warner and his partner.  This strikes me as hilarious.  A Super Bowl MVP QB vs. a Super Bowl MVP RB? I can't back up that Emmitt Smith was in the Super Bowl, an MVP of the Super Bowl, or even a running back.

9:44 - The judges critique such weird things.  Kurt sticks his next out too much according to Bruno.  Carrie Ann just criticized the tango Emmitt did EIGHT seasons ago.  Awesome.

9:45 - Oh there is so a vibe between Kurt and Emmitt and it's not a good one.

9:46 - Rick Fox is in a completely green suit.  Like completely green.  With green shoes and a green fedora with a green feather in it.  He looks like the Jolly Green Giant.

9:47 - Ooooh so weird.  Emmitt gave Kurt a 10.  Everyone else gave him 8s.  They get 34 out of 40 for 61 on the night.

9:49 - Kelly Osbourne is next.  She's lost like 100 pounds or something.  Seriously her body is insane now. Bristol and Mark are reinterpreting Kelly's Viennese Waltz from season 9.

9:52 - Bristol lets us know that her family and Kelly Osbourne's family are very different.  Insert your own jokes here...

9:55 - Kelly Osbourne just told Bristol she had some big shoes to fill.  Wow.  Listen Kelly, I know you're looking all fabulous these days but let's tone down the arrogance a bit shall we?

9:56 - They just showed Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Anton Ohno sitting next to each other in the audience.  Do you think that secretly they can't stand each other because Apolo is the new Winter Olympics darling?  These are the things I think about.

9:59 - OMG Kelly didn't give them a 10!  How PISSED are you if you're Bristol and Mark.  That celeb paddle is like a free 10! They get 33 out of 40 and 57 on the night. Brooke asks how that feels and Mark goes "That feels great!" and Bristol goes "Oooh yeah."

10:01 - My lover and favorite tax evader Helio Castroneves is up next. Rick and Cheryl will dance his quickstep where he wore the bright yellow suit. This is probably why Rick is dressed in a giant green suit.

10:04 - Eliza Dushku with a special guest appearance.  The only thing I've ever seen her in is Bring It On.  Apparently she is dating Rick Fox. With a partner like Cheryl, I'm sure this is not the first time she's just popped up at the studio.

10:06 - He seriously looks like a giant piece of broccoli.  Plus he has a zebra print tie on.  This is the worst costume ever.

10:07 - Oh no you did not Tom Bergeron.  How are you going to make a joke about him looking like the Boston Celtics when he is a Laker? Not cool.

10:08 - They all decide his nickname is the Jolly Green Giant.  Um I made that joke 20 minutes ago. Carrie Ann then yells, yes literally yells, the word giant 3 times.  Then they show Rick and he is totally courtesy laughing.

10:09 - Helio gets us back on the homer train with a 10 for Cheryl and Rick.  They get 9s from everyone else for 37 out of 40 and a total of 61 on the night.  The judges all thought that was their best dance to date and I thought it was awful. Goes to show what I know.

10:13 - Yeah I want to be Carrie Ann now.  First she gets to sit next to Helio and now Gilles?  Not fair. Brandy and Maks are dancing Gilles' foxtrot.

10:14 - Brandy talks about how she's faced a lot of adversity throughout her career.  I can't even make a joke here...

10:15 - HOW are you uncomfortable with getting rub up on Maks? Move over and allow me to show you how it's done.

10:18 - That was a good one.  Chloe loved it too.

10:21 - Woah LEN gave out a 10 but Gilles with the 9? That's quite the twist.  They get a 37 out of 40 for a total of 64 on the night.

10:23 - This is the longest show ever. Here's the gist of what I'm fast forwarding through.  Jennifer and Derek are dancing something Drew Lachey danced.  Jennifer Grey is 50 and cries a lot.  That just took up 2 minutes on my DVR.

10:27 - Yep, she's back.  Carrie Ann is crying.  And I don't know what any of the other judges said because I was looking up my polling place.  I think my apartment complex is a polling place...

10:29 - It's a 10 from Drew and 9s from everyone else.  64 out of 70 total. Ugh Brooke Burke. Blah blah blah.

10:31 - That's all folks! Tomorrow is the 200th results show with Taylor Swift, Rod Stewart and the cast of Mary Poppins which is actually playing up here in Sacramento and I'm thinking about going to check it out.  Thanks for tuning in.  My foot and my cat are asleep.  Livin' the Dream. Out.

A Note to Boys Who Play Sports with Girls

I'm angry so here comes an angry post...

I recently joined a new co-ed soccer league with some people I know from work and some other randoms. We've played one game, we tied, I scored the tying goal.  Everyone on the team is very nice and seem happy to have me.  Then again, when a girl agrees to play on a co-ed team, usually they will be nice to you because they need you more than you need them.

So while I'm pretty happy with my own team, the team I played against was full of the whiniest, bitch ass guys I have ever met.  So pay attention boys who play sports with girls - this one's for you.

First and foremost, at all times you should remember that YOU are a guy and I am a girl.  I might shove you into a wall, I might shimmy-shake past you, and I might really get you fired up.  But remember.  I am a girl and you are a guy.  Control yourself.  Take the shove, take the juke out and man up.  Your precious male ego will live to see another day.  I promise.  Calling a girl half your size a "fat ass" and claiming that she almost broke your clavicle is not only super dramatic, but makes you look like a huge tool.  Sidenote: both of these things actually happened at our game last week.  By the same guy.

I know that there's a major problem with girls who play co-ed anything acting like... well like bitches frankly.  Trust me, the girls on this team last week were just as whiny as the guys, if not worse.  The girls in a co-ed league always think they have something to prove and this is definitely annoying.

But guys you don't have anything to prove.  This isn't your World Cup tryout and I'm sorry if you got rejected from that DI program six years ago.  But just calm down.  Play the game, score a few goals and just go about your day.

Thanks for listening.