The Blog is Pink!

Surprise! The blog has a new look. I guess because there's been one day of sunshine in the last month in Sacramento/Davis I figured if I had a pink blog to look at every day then maybe it would cheer me up. Also, I like pink.

I've decided to add a couple of new features to the blog. Considering how well my other features have gone (when's the last time I did a "Why is This News?" or "Triple R") I expect these to go just as well. Here they are:

On the sidebar, you might have noticed that I've decided to let you guys know what I'm reading and what Netflix brought me this week. As we discussed in my review of "The Boleyn Inheritance" I am a bit of a book nerd and in 2010 I'm going to start embracing that a lot more. I think ultimately I'm trying to cut back on TV so I can't think of a better way to do so than to substitute a book for TV. Unless it's substituting a beer for TV. A book and a beer? Now we're talkin. I'm not one of those that reads multiple books at a time so odds are I'll only have one, maybe two links at the most going in that column.

I joined Netflix and I'm loving it. The only problem I'm having is that I have issues getting to a mailbox to return the movies but we're working on that. So I also decided to share with you guys the movies I currently have out on Netflix. My account lets me check out two at a time and suggestions are always welcome. I am seriously adding any movie that remotely interests me when I cruise around on Netflix's website. This includes TV shows, stand-up comedy specials, possibly some documentaries if it's really interesting. I'm not holding back people. And again, suggestions are always welcome and encouraged.

Now on to the two newest writing features of the blog:

First we will have a weekly award section for the best stories in celeb gossip news during the week. Examples include the Why Are You Famous Award (which might end up being called the Just Go Away Award), the Why Is This News Award, and the I Really Don't Care About Celebrity Babies Award. There will also be good awards given out for things like philanthropy and good fashion. Maybe a Quote of the Week Award. This will start Friday so I guess I'd better narrow down how many awards I'll give out and their names. Suggestions for award names are welcome and encouraged.

Second we are going to start a segment called "Whatever Happened To..." Not much to this one really. When I'm driving around listening to satellite radio, every once in a while an artist comes on that really makes me think "Wow, whatever happened to Ace of Base? They were LEGIT when I was in the second grade." So me and my friend Wikipedia will take a few minutes to check in on some of these has-beens and give all of you adoring fans an update.

Now it's time to get real for a moment. A lot of these changes/additions/upgrades are due to the fact that I'm trying some new things out in my life, mainly shifting a lot of focus back onto myself and what I want from my life. I'm trying to take a more me-centric attitude and I'm starting with my blog. I want a pink blog so bam, my blog is pink. I want to post what I'm reading so bam, links. It may sound silly but you have no idea how hard it is to put myself first. So again, it may sound like a silly small step, but it's steps like these that will end up helping me take control and boost my self-confidence a bit.

That being said, I want to thank everyone out there who continues to read Livin' the Dream. I get about 30 hits every time I post something new and that means the world to me. I'm glad I have this forum to entertain and to continue to do what I love which is write. I don't always have the most thought-provoking and profound things to say but I have a great time, I get a little chuckle out of it all, and hopefully you do too.

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  1. Love the ideas. I'll help with Whatever Happened To... I'll send them your way when I think of some. 30 hits a day, you double me...I'm jealous. Maybe I'll make mine pink too.