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Hello LTD followers and I'm sorry I've abandoned you the past few days. I worked about 50 hours last week and am on pace to do it again this week so needless to say I haven't had much energy to blog.

But now it's Sunday and I have a lot to say so let's get to it.

Last week Tiger Woods spoke for the first time about his indiscretions and what he's been up to for the last three months. I didn't watch the video but I did read the transcript of his speech and I thought it was all pretty interesting stuff.

First of all, the setting. Just Tiger with a prepared speech. No questions from reporters. A select group of friends and associates were allowed to attend. His wife wasn't there. His mother was. Interesting stuff. Is this Tiger trying to keep some sort of control over the situation? Possibly. Every other aspect of this situation has been inspected and scrutinized so maybe this is Tiger's way of saying now we play by my rules. You can't really blame him for that I don't think. I feel like any celeb would take the chance to say if I have to do this, we're doing it my way after going through everything that Tiger has been through.

So did he have to do this? I think yes. As much as he and anyone else would like to say that this is a matter between him and his wife, and it is, at the same time he's still a very very public figure and this my friends is not something that will go away with a quick word from his "rep". It's just something that had to be commented on by him. That being said, I do think that his focus on how he and his wife are handling it was very appropriate and absolutely where the focus should be right now. Above all else, she is the only one who should matter at all to him throughout this whole ordeal. Not the fans, not his sponsors or boosters, not the people who work for him.

I couldn't help but be reminded of Kobe's press conference after the whole scandal with that girl in Denver. The two situations are very different down to how they chose to deal with it. Kobe had a very public press conference with this wife by his side who, might I add, appeared to be flashing a giant diamond ring. Is either way the right way or the wrong way? Not at all. They just chose to approach the situation differently. For Kobe and his wife, it meant that she would be there to show her support and love for him - and her appreciation for her brand new giant diamond ring. Okay I'll stop. But for Tiger's situation, I feel it was appropriate for his wife Elin to not be present.

So Tiger's said his piece and I'm pretty sure that's all we're ever going to hear from him on the matter. I think he made good points. He acknowledged what happened, acknowledged the consequences and talked about what the future holds. I don't know, I think overall it was a decent job. There's been a lot of mixed reactions to how he handled it and some I agree with, but overall I think he just did what he had to do and what he felt was appropriate and right for this situation. The best part for me was that he didn't blame anybody else. He shoulders it completely and I think he knows that he's pretty alone right now but he also understands that he's the only one that can make this right.

Will it ever blow over? Probably not. But he's taken a step. He knows what's in store for him and what it's going to take to get back to greatness. So all we can do now is wish him luck and hope it all works out.

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