Crafting the Perfect Super Bowl Party

This probably would have been a good post to write before the Super Bowl but I'm writing it now so deal.

Like I said in my post on the Super Bowl commercials, Super Bowl Sunday is a pretty unique day. It's pretty much the only sporting event I know of where people actually expect parties, food, beer and probably a day off from work the next day. Things have escalated when it comes to the Super Bowl so it's time to be prepared.

First, bring something you know everyone will like and want to eat. It's all very well and good that you like hummus, but that might not be a fan favorite. Stick to the classics: chips and dip/salsa/guacamole, veggie trays, frozen treats, shoot even a dessert. Food is a big part of the Super Bowl party experience so make it good. Don't skimp. And never show up empty handed. Ever.

Also, keep in mind things like onions and garlic as well as anything spicy as these could have dramatically negative results on the fun factor of the Super Bowl party. Bad breath when everyone is cheering four inches from each other is not a pleasant experience. And do you want to miss half the game because of indigestion or be miserable with heartburn the whole time? Neither does anyone else.

The same goes for drinks. Keep in mind that some people might not be drinking beer so bringing a six-pack of soda is always a nice gesture. If you do bring beer, bring something that everyone can enjoy. Just because you're a Guiness fan doesn't mean everyone else is.

Next is the tricky part of who to root for. If you're not particularly partial to either team, it's probably a good idea to take the safe approach and find out who everyone else likes so you can cheer for them too. If you do have very strong ties towards one team or the other, then cheer all you want but if you're a guest in someone's home I recommend keeping the trash talking to a minimum.

All of these pointers came from a very hilarious conversation my dad and I had in the middle of the frozen food section of The Nugget on Superbowl Sunday. My dad is the best. Hopefully you all had very fun and very delicious Super Bowl experiences this year. And if not, well maybe my little guide will help you for next year.

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  1. if i had attended any super bowl parties, i would bring some fine craft beer. my opinion on bringing beer is to educate people who aren't in the know. sure, bud light will be acceptable to all, but it sucks. viva good beer!