You Should Get That Looked At...

If I'm Charlie Sheen, it's time to find an allergist who can take care of my severe allergic reactions that cause me to be naked and intoxicated in a trashed hotel room.

Charlie Sheen was hospitalized Tuesday morning for what his rep is calling "an adverse allergic reaction to some medication."

This is after:
1. He is found naked and intoxicated in his room at The Plaza.
2. Tables and chairs were thrown around.
3. A chandelier was damaged.
4. He was "emotionally disturbed" when he got to the hospital (according to TMZ).

Like I said, Charlie Sheen needs an allergist ASAP.

Also, while I want to say that this is terrible media relations work on the part of his rep - I mean does anybody believe an allergic reaction caused him to flip out that much? - I have no idea what I would do in this situation.  Actually, after a misdemeanor assault charge, two instances of driving his SUV over a cliff, and now this, I'd probably just quit.

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