Things I Think Are Stupid

Whatever happened to the days where you went to a mall or other shopping establishment and the parking spaces in the front were reserved for handicapped or disabled customers. And that was it.

Yesterday I went to Target in Davis and literally 10 spaces in every single aisle were reserved spots. And what were they reserved for? Hybrid cars, electric cars and carpools. This is what I think is stupid.

My San Diego friends will be the first to agree that this is stupid, considering this exact case runs rampant down there. Exhibit A: The Mission Valley Mall. A quick trip to that mall will have you circling the lot for hours because of all the reserved spaces with signs reading "Expectant Mother Parking Only".

Pregnant women, more power to you and all of your raging hormones but this is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. My argument is this: how do you know I'm not pregnant?

Seriously, what's going to happen if I do park there? Is a nurse going to jump out from behind a tree with a pregnancy test and a pee cup and tell me to prove myself? San Diego ladies, somebody try this please and tell me what happens.

So the same holds true for these reserved spots in Davis. Carpools only? What the heck constitutes a carpool? Do people have special passes designating their car as an official carpool vehicle? That is stupid.

Next is the electric and hybrid cars. These signs also claim that those spots are charging stations for the cars. Well guess what people. No outlets anywhere near the spots. Furthermore if electric/hybrid cars are so popular that they demand literally 10 spaces all to themselves, why was there officially one car parked in any of the spots last night when I was there? Just because I choose not to drive a terrible Prius doesn't mean I should get penalized and relegated to the back of the parking lot.

Plus, again, how do you know my car's not energy efficient? Maybe I converted my Jeep to run on vegetable oil with these step-by-step instructions?

In conclusion, I hate parking lots as it is (talk to my brother about this) so this just adds to the rage that is already building inside of me. Get it together parking lots.

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