A LTD Look at the World Series

Okay so it's not the World Series yet, but that title sounds better than "A LTD Look at the NL and AL Divisional Championship Series" or whatever the heck it's really called.

And why don't I know what it's called? Because friends, I have zero interest in following the MLB Playoffs. I've tuned in here and there and have seen some decently exciting plays and finishes. That Phillies pitcher had the complete game and almost had a no-hitter on the very first day of the playoffs which was cool. The Giants have had some nailbiting finishes. Apparently the fighting Evan Longorias were terrible this year. So I know a little about what's been going.

So I'm here to announce that I am officially rooting for the Phillies in the World Series.

Here's why...

I know nothing about the Texas Rangers. I don't recognize that many names on their roster. The Josh Hamilton story does tug at the heartstrings, so maybe that will be my backup choice if they can beat the stupid Yankees.

Which brings me to my next point. The Yankees are stupid. Their fans are annoying, their players are annoying, their players celebrity wives and girlfriends are annoying. They make way too much money for a mediocre baseball team.

And then there's the San Francisco Giants. Listen Sacramento friends, you guys are great. But I cannot root for the Giants as it goes against everything I believe in having grown up going to Dodger games my whole life. Tim Lincecum is a beast, Buster Posey is a beast and also very cute, Brian Wilson's beard is terrible but he is also a beast. But I just can't do it. Would you be rooting for the Dodgers right now if they were in the postseason? Nope. Every single Giants fan that I've posed this question to has stopped, thought about it, and replied with "Ooooh, yeah you are so right."

But don't worry, I'm a great anti-Giants fan. I don't follow them enough to trash talk and I have enough respect for fans of the other teams to not show up at a Giants game decked out in Dodger gear. First, I don't own any Dodger gear. Second, I don't want to get my ass kicked by some girl fan of the Gigantes. So carry on friends, but don't expect me to jump on the bandwagon ever.

So that leaves me with the Phillies. The Phillies fans I know are awesome people, I've never been to Philadelphia but I'm sure it's lovely, and I know a lot of names on their roster so at least I'm able to say "Oh yeah I've heard of that guy."

There you have it. Go Phillies and if they don't win go Texas. And let's hurry all these series up so we can move on to NBA season. Kobe's got a look in his eye that says three-peat.

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