Poll Recap and New World Cup Poll

The people have spoken and Spain looks to be the heavy favorite to win the World Cup amongst Livin' the Dream fans. We accumulated nine votes and here's how everything broke down:

Spain - 5
Brazil - 3
Netherlands - 0 (Hey if Alexi Lalas says they're going to win the whole thing, then obviously they're a contender.)
USA - 1 (That was nice of whoever voted for them.)

So now we move on to the next question. Last night's Portugal-Spain game (and yes I say night because I successfully made it the entire work day and a trip to the market without learning the score and watched it on my TV at home) was one of the best of the tournament so far, in my humble opinion. So that got me thinking: what have been the other marquis matches of the Cup?

Your choices are:
Spain 1, Portugal 0
Germany 4, Australia 0
USA 1, Algeria 0
Argentina 3, Mexico 1
Germany 4, England 1

Happy voting!

1 comment:

  1. I can't vote for last night's game as best because it had the worst outcome. Today I sport a new haircut, the Cristiano Ronaldo faux hawk, because it's the only thing I have left...