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The other night I was at dinner with some friends and we started talking about the new version of The Karate Kid that is coming out and how terrible we think it's going to be. The original Karate Kid was just so good, and even though it had a couple of sequels, this new "modern" version just is so unnecessary.

So that got us onto the topic of classic, awesome movies that should never be remade and I thought to myself this is a great blog topic.

So I present to you my top five movies that should never be remade. Keep in mind that my list is movies that I've actually seen so that I can adequately describe their awesomeness. I, however, have terrible movie knowledge. I'm working on it. In addition, these are movies where a sequel and/or remake could very easily be conceived, but really shouldn't ever be made a reality as far as I'm concerned.

Ok, enjoy.

5. Ghost -How can you ever recreate that pottery scene? The obvious way they would try to remake this or give it a sequel is to reverse all the genders right? So we'd have a married couple where the woman dies tragically and the husband is left without her while some fabulous ghost whisperer speaks to him as the dead wife. Oooh but to give it a twist, you could have a hot young ghost whispering woman and she and the husband end up falling in love but the dead wife is cool with it. I'm thinking Derek Shepherd from Grey's Anatomy as the husband and Sandra Bullock as the ghost whisperer. Suggestions are welcome on who should play the dead wife.

4. The Princess Bride - If you haven't seen this movie, please do so immediately. I didn't see it until I was in college and I love this movie. An 8-year-old Fred Savage is sick in bed and his grandfather reads him a story which at first he hates, but then ends up loving. The best part of the movie is that it was made in 1987 so the entire fairy tale and effects had to be recreated without the use of computers and all the fancy equipment that is used today. Good classic family entertainment that is fun to watch even today.

3. The Goonies - Nothing can ever top, or even equal, this classic from back in the day. Buried treasure, hilarious kids, bad guys... The Goonies is pretty much th
e quintessential awesome kids movie. I'm so glad this one hasn't been touched and I hope it never is.

2. Ferris Bueller's Day Off - There is nobody today that could ever match Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller. He was perfect in that role and there's no way that anyone else could do it justice. They'd try to cast Zac Efron as the new and improved Ferris Bueller and he'd be way too pretty. Ferris Bueller was the man. Who would play Cameron? And the bitter sister? How about the principal? What would a remake even look like? I wanted to verify that Ferris Bueller's Day Off did not in fact have a sequel and when the Google results had a few articles about a sequel where it's Ferris Bueller's kid now ditching school just like dear old dad. Terrible.

1. The Breakfast Club - Can you imagine them trying to make a newer version of this movie? We actually discussed just how awful it would be based on who they would probably cast in the role of each character. Miley Cyrus as Molly Ringwald, a Jo Bro as Brian the nerd. The Twilight guy would be the "bad boy" sitting in the corner all brooding and mysterious. He'd even have the hair thing down. The other Twilight guy could be the jock since he is way too ripped for an 18-year old. Lindsay Lohan as the weird girl. It would be awful. This movie is what it is because of the characters and there aren't too many 20-somethings out there right now that could pull off roles like these.

Honorable mentions: E.T., Top Gun, Pretty Woman

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