OMG I'm Famous... Sorta

Friends, I had a very very fun weekend and part of my very fun weekend was getting to see one of my best friends here in Sacramento and her man, who has also become one of my close friends up here, get married on Saturday. It was a beautiful wedding - perfect weather, gorgeous venue, great food, great DJ, delicious cake, awesome dance partner... I could go on and on. Great time.

But the best part of the whole wedding was the surprise flash mob dance that all the bridesmaids, groomsmen, friend and family of the bride and groom performed to Hanson's "Thinking Bout Something".

First, what is a flash mob? I think a subway/train station in London was the first time anybody saw something like this. Music starts to play and a few people start dancing a choreographed number together, then more people join in, then suddenly you have dozens of people all dancing together. Observe.

So about two weeks before the wedding, one of the bridesmaids emailed a few of us with the idea to put together our very own flash mob dance. The bride is a huge Hanson fan and the new Hanson music video has choreography that the fans loved so much, the choreographer decided to make a tutorial of the dance and put it on Youtube. (That video is like 10 minutes by the way.) So Lizzie, the bridesmaid, forwarded it to people who forwarded it to other people, we held a dance lesson at her house a few days before the wedding and voila... the finished product:

Hanson fans can't get enough. Someone found it on Youtube and posted it to their Twitter and now all the Hanson fans are reposting it on all of their Twitters (I don't really know how Twitter works so I assume this is what is happening). Plus, there is a fan forum page on Hanson's official website and someone posted it there.

So yes I am very excited about my fifteen minutes of "fame".

Next stop... Oprah.

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  1. Two questions
    1) Hanson has a new video?
    2) Hason has fans?