Awards Time!

Ridiculous stuff keeps popping up everywhere in the celeb gossip world so it's time to dish out some awards. I think my awards are slowly becoming a news and notes section though...

The Nobody Cares Award
And the winner is: Carrie Underwood and her fiancee
Did the three media outlets who ran this story on the front page of their websites this morning not get the memo that she is kissing her FIANCEE? There is no scandal here. There is nothing to report on here. She won a bunch of awards at the CMT Awards or whatever they're called, ere go she celebrates by smooching on the man she is going to marry. So I don't get why this is newsworthy. Thanks.

The You're So Scandalous. Not. Award
And the winner is: Miley Cyrus
Accepting this award is my friend Carey:
OMG Miley. I am so sick of her. I get she needs to do the grown up thing and it's hard being a teen and then moving towards womanhood. But never is it okay to wear a see through dress. Not even at the beach.

The Crazy Award
And the winner is: Danielle from the Real Housewives of New Jersey
Most of you who read the blog probably don't know who this is but suffice it to say that she is nuts. Luckily for us her antics have all been broadcast on Bravo for the past few weeks, including when she showed up to a charity dinner with a full entourage of bodyguards, including leaders from the Hell's Angels. Cool. Most recently (and what the link above refers to) is a leaked sex tape that she seems way too comfortable with. It's true that as a "celebrity", there are going to be people who will cash in on your fame by whatever means necessary. But I thought sex tapes were a bad thing? Kendra didn't seem too pleased about hers. So for her to straight up say that she hopes it sells more than Kendra's is a little weird. Furthermore, the fact that there is a set release date is also strange. I feel like things like this just kind of happen... unless someone is behind the whole thing... someone like Danielle herself? Scandal. Can't wait to see all of this unfold on a future episode of RHONJ.

The Lady Gaga Award
And the winner is: Lady Gaga (who did you think would get it?)
She's so weird she deserves her own award. I just don't get it with her, namely with all of these outfits and gimmicks. I've heard she's a very talented musician and while I don't personally care for her music or performances, I can respect that other people say she's legit. So why are these get ups necessary? Why not just grab everyone's attention with the awesome music you make? But I guess then that wouldn't put you in the headlines every day would it?

The I Have Way Too Much Money Award
And the winner is: Celine Dion
I briefly mentioned this a few award posts ago but now that new information has come out, I have to touch on it again. I will tell you, this is an awesome way to spend the bazillions of dollars that Celine Dion has in her checking account. A water park never goes out of style.

The best part of this story is the fact that she used so much water to construct Raging Canadian Waters (terrible play on words attempt) that there ended up being a drought on the super-exclusive island where her house and water wonderland are. She tried to fix the problem by building her own personal wells on her property but people are still angry about that too I guess. One angry neighbor said they didn't know how she could have been approved for the wells since the government is usually pretty strict about stuff like that. Here's how: because she's Celine freakin' Dion and her water park WILL go on...

Sidenote: A "Celebs Have Way Too Much Money" weekly or maybe daily post could become a new feature on Livin' the Dream even though I'm terrible at features. However, I'm trying to post shorter entries more often so this might be a good way to do that. Stay tuned.

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