Video of the Day 7/1/10 - So You Think You Can Dance Edition

Here's a little background on this video.

This season on So You Think You Can Dance, the 11 contestants pair up with former "All-Star" contestants each week to perform their dance routines. Each contestant draws the name of an All-Star out of a hat so as to keep it a random pick. The past two weeks everything has been pretty standard: guy draws girl name, then girl draws guy name, etc. Last night, however, a wrench was thrown into everybody's plans when Alex (a guy) drew the name of Twitch (another guy).

Alex (the Asian dancer in the video) is a classically trained ballet dancer and was a principal soloist with the Miami City Ballet until being selected to compete on So You Think You Can Dance this season. So you can imagine his, and everybody's, surprise when he drew Twitch's name as Twitch is a super, super legit hip hop dancer. Last week we watched as Billy, another classically trained ballet dancer, suffered through a krump routine. So this was also bound to be a disaster right?

Oh so, so, SO wrong...

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  1. This was absolutely amazing... I watched it like 400 times on my DVR... there's something to be said for being classically trained in anything!