Then What's the Point?

So have we already started to see the fall of Jersey Shore?

Already reports are brewing that the entire cast will be replaced for the third season... and we haven't started season two yet.

The current cast apparently requested giant pay raises after the first season basically blew up. MTV, did you not see this coming?

The essence of the show is that these are real people off the streets of Jersey... well sort of... that all end up in a house together and just let the cameras roll. You can't get much more real than that. So sure enough the show takes off and these people start to become huge stars. Pauly D was DJing at a club by my house in downtown Sacramento not too many months ago. They're starting to be in high demand for appearances and pictures of them are everywhere. They're starting to dress more and more ridiculously and not a day goes by where you don't see some new story about one of them. They've taken over The Hills, The Real World and most of the other shows that MTV had prided itself on. They're it right now.

So of course, if you take a bunch of randoms off the street and turn them into mega-celebs, what do you think is going to happen MTV? They're going to want to be treated like mega-celebs. Now they need their own lawyers for when they get into their bar fights and their own publicists to spin the stories of their nights out. But most of all, they're going to want to get paid.

So what's MTV's solution? Let's just find a new cast who will play by the rules and get paid however much we want them to get paid. Right? Wrong.

Then what exactly is the point of the Jersey Shore? Like I said before, the reason it's so popular is because you just don't know what you're going to get with these people. This is them, plain and simple. The Situation really is that into his abs and Snookie/Snickers/Snookers/Snooks really does do back handsprings on the dance floor with her underwear showing. And this is why the show is so famous.

So the first move that MTV is making is that the cast will film from South Beach. This already sounds off some warning bells to me as I don't feel like the crew will be able to get away with as much as they can on the Joisey Shore bitches. Is this when MTV will start to try and script things out a la The Hills?

Now it looks like after South Beach, this is it for Ronnie, Sammie, Snookums, JWoww, The Situation, Pauly D and ::sigh:: Vinny. Time for MTV to bring in some new talent, some new guidos and guidettes to fist pump their way to fame. But will it be the same?

I doubt it. Lauren decided to leave The Hills and they didn't even last two seasons after her. They tried to fill it in with the new cast's "issues" and it's not working out so well for them. So unfortunately Jersey Shore, I can picture this same exact thing happening to you.

So just keep it going MTV. Don't mess with a good thing because trust me, as the queen of terrible television, you have a really good thing going here.

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