Review: The Borgia Bride

The Borgia Bride
Author: Jeanne Kalogridis
Number of Pages: 528
Genre: Historical fiction

My summary:
Sancha of Aragon basically has no idea what she is marrying into when she marries the harmless, and somewhat hopeless, Jofre Borgia but quickly learns when she and her new husband are summoned to Rome and are placed squarely in the middle of the Borgia rule. Between Pope Alexander, his sons Juan and Cesare and his scheming, vengeful daughter Lucrezia, Sancha feels completely out of place. As horrific events begin to unfold and the "Borgia terror" begins to take its hold over all of 15th-century Italy, it becomes Sancha's sole responsibility to reclaim peace for her country and for herself.

A great recommendation from Jess. I'm really starting to get into historical fiction thanks to books like these. It was the perfect combination of deceit, lies, revenge, a little bit of sex, and a couple of very happy moments thrown in. Sancha is a great character and the way Kalogridis describes her intense spectrum of emotions and her thoughts and fears at never knowing if she was going to live to see another day keeps you glued to every page.

Apparently Kalogridis has written another book but as it has the word "vampires" in the title, I'm not sure if I will be checking it out but I do very highly recommend this one.

Overall Rating: 5/5

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