Reviews of the Cinematic Kind

Later on tonight will be a review of the literary kind...

So I realized that I joined Netflix and I post the movies that I have checked out but I never actually say what I think about any of the movies that I Netflix. That seems like something I should do. But instead of doing this full-length in-depth review of each one, I saw a different website (okay it's a book blog I read sometimes - don't judge me) where they just wrote like one or two lines about the movie. Perrrfect.

So here's a trip down memory lane first of all the movies I've watched on Netflix thus far. And for review purposes we will be using the system perfected by my dad and me at every movie we see in the theater:

Confessions of a Shopaholic: The title should say it all. Isla Fisher (aka Borat's wife/baby's momma) is a really cute actress though and ere go, this movie was... well... cute. One thumb sideways.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Long at parts, but definitely an interesting plotline. The make up was excellent and the woman who played Brad Pitt's mother was incredible. Well-deserving of the Oscar I believe she won. Recommended, but get ready for a long one. One thumb sideways.

(500) Days of Summer: Great movie. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is so good in this and the soundtrack is awesome to boot. Recommended to me by Justin and now it's very highly recommended to all of you! One humb way up

Sunshine Cleaning: Amy Adams and Emily Blunt (the not-so-nice assistant in Devil Wears Prada) have great chemistry in this movie about two sisters who try to make some money by starting up their own cleaning business... except what they clean is crime scenes. A little gory at times if you don't like blood (i.e. me) but it's a very good movie. The relationship between the grandfather and the little boy is also very endearing. Thumb way up

Burn After Reading: A really weird movie. You have to pay complete attention to this the whole time to follow along so make sure you are. But Brad Pitt's character is absolutely hysterical. His character plus a few surprise twists salvaged this one a bit. One thumb sideways, slightly up

The Other Boleyn Girl: Not as good as the book. I couldn't keep track of the characters, namely which Boleyn sister was which. Not good. One thumb down.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist: Just okay. Michael Cera plays the same whiny character in every movie but he still has his funny moments. The girl was pretty good and in the end, they got to be all cute and music nerdy together (oops hope that wasn't a spoiler). One thumb sideways

Bride Wars: Pretty predictable and the pranks got a little out of hand after a while but the end had an interesting twist that I didn't really see coming so that kind of made up for it. One thumb sideways

Monsters vs. Aliens: Cute kids flick. I love the Pixar movies, but this one wasn't as good as some of the others I've seen. Good casting though for all the voices. One thumb sideways, slightly up

Revolutionary Road: Didn't watch it. I read a book review on yes a book blog and it talked about how depressing the movie was. Then Kathleen confirmed that so I figure I'll read the book then re-get it if you're even allowed to do that.

The Invention of Lying: Didn't finish it. The beginning started out to be really funny then it just sort of faded out and got kind of repetitive. I fell asleep midway through and Cody didn't seem too terribly interested in finishing it so I gave it three stars and sent it back. Still it had its moments. Thumb sideways, slightly down

That's all! I just finished "Julie and Julia" and have "Yes Man" to watch probably this weekend. I also started the first season of "Friday Night Lights" which is surprisingly good so as more reviews come through, more reviews will be posted!


  1. monsters vs aliens was a dreamworks flick, not pixar, so its not as good, lol.

  2. Ha well that makes sense then. Oops.