Liiiiiiive... Kinda. This is Dancing with the Stars!

It's here! The finals of Dancing with the Stars! The two-night finale extravaganza (hey that's what Brooke called it, not me) begins right now. I should have done this a while ago because this season was awesome. My blog isn't exactly live so deal with it. Plus I DVR the show and then watch it so that's not even live either.

8:34 - The guy on the congas is really giving it his all tonight. I mean it is the finals after all. Go big or go home.

8:34 - Our three finalists are introduced. Maks kind of has no shirt on. It's going to be a great night. Everyone's so excited! It's the finals!

8:35 - Maks and Erin are up first. Apparently they are going to samba. Bruno is going to teach them how.

8:36 - Oh wow Bruno just said ass. Is he allowed to do that on ABC?

8:37 - They just wasted like 5 seconds where Erin was all outraged that Maks was trying to take his shirt off. Ummm that's about to get you fan votes sweetie. Do it for your team.

8:38 - That samba was better than the last time they did that dance.

8:39 - Bam. Bruno stands up to give his critique. If he gets out of his seat one more time while judging, everyone in the fantasy league gets five points.

8:42 - And we're back. Erin and Maks got a 29 out of 30. It's weird that this time it was Bruno that gave a 9 when everyone else gave 10s. Usually it's Len ruining the show.

8:43 - Do you think Erin Andrews tries to give Brooke Burke lessons on how to be a TV host off camera? It wouldn't be the worst idea...

8:45 - Evan's up next and he is doing the waltz because last time he had no connection to Anna.

8:46 - Ooooh Anna's shirt looks like a piano and they are dancing to the song Piano Man. I see what you did there Evan and Anna.

8:49 - I hope no Twilight fans are reading this but the trailer for Eclipse looks awful. Seriously terrible.

8:50 - Evan and Anna get a 28 out of 30. Ouch. Evan seriously has no inflection in his voice whatsoever. It's very strange. Also I think Brooke Burke is wearing a Bump It.

8:51 - Emmit Smith sighting. That's former DWTS contestant sighting #1 for those counting at home.

8:53 - Nicole and Derek are dancing the rumba now.

8:54 - Wow, that end pose was pretty cool. I bet the judges rave about this.

8:55 - Okay so apparently the pose at the end was a lift and Carrie Ann is all worked about that. Derek says no the music was over. Carrie Ann says the music was still going so it's a lift. Drama on the dance floor.

8:56 - Congratulations to the fantasy league. Everyone gets five points. I knew Bruno wouldn't be able to contain himself with these two.

8:56 - Nicole and Derek get a 28 out of 30. Which means Erin and Maks are in first right now. I don't think people saw that coming.

8:58 - Freestyle time!

9:43 - Ooops. Definitely just talked on the phone to my sister for an hour. Now we're back. Erin and Maks are going to do a contemporary, lyrical freestyle. I don't know about this.

9:44 - Something tells me someone at ABC is cringing that this dance revolves around them rolling around in a bed.

9:46 - That flip was sick. Wow I actually really liked this dance.

9:47 - Len likes it but doesn't love it. Bruno is standing again so he must love it. Carrie Ann LOVED the choice.

9:48 - "That wasn't the bed we rehearsed on," said Maks. I bet it wasn't Maks. I bet it wasn't.

9:49 - Woah an eight in the finals from Len? On the freestyle? No bueno. Erin and Maks get a 26 for their freestyle. Next up Evan and Anna.

9:50 - Wow Evan just laid it down. And his voice didn't even rise or fall.

9:52 - Is Evan really going to try some kind of hip hop routine? Oh boy.

9:53 - Okay I've been wondering this all season, when did they start incorporating props and set designs into the dances?

9:54 - Not bad. It actually looked like Evan was having a blast. He was really into it and that was pretty fun to watch.

9:55 - Uh oh. They hate it. Carrie Ann said it was odd. Len says it certainly wasn't what he wanted to see. OH! But congrats to the fantasy league because Tom Bergeron just plugged the Bachelorette! Five more points!

9:56 - Evan and Anna get a 24 out of 30. Nicole and Derek's dance is highly anticipated so let's see if they can deliver.

10:00 - Oh no! That was SICK until they messed up that last lift! Oh that's a bummer!

10:01 - "That's the freestyle we've all been waiting for" says Carrie Ann. Yes fact. But way to bring down the house by pointing out the fall Carrie Ann. Bruno is on his feet again. I should have made the question will he stand five times or more, shoot.

10:03 - 27 out of 30. Probably because they fell at the end. Oh well.

So Erin and Maks and Nicole and Derek are tied with 55 while Evan and Anna are behind them with 52 points. Tomorrow night should be interesting. I was pulling for Evan and Anna but I'm not feeling very confident about them. I guess we'll see what happens. Stay tuned for part two of the finals and of the live blog!

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