Triple R American Idol Edition

Not really but because tonight is the season premiere, everything is American Idol edition today.

Scandal on the Bachelor...
...and we're only two weeks in. Apparently one of the women who is competing for Jake the Pilot's love on The Bachelor 41 (okay it's not really the 41st season but still the show has been around FOREVER) couldn't wait to see if she got a one-on-one date and had some one-on-one time of her own with a show's producer. Before the show even went on the air. She got kicked off the show and the producer got fired and now she's speaking out and he's speaking out and the guy who "hosts" The Bachelor is speaking out. It's a speaking out bonanza.

Okay I really don't get what the big deal is with this. The guy who hosts said they had to bring in psychologists and counselors and all of these people to help Jake deal with this news. Jake the pilot has known her for two weeks! He feels that he has been cheated on and that he was so incredibly hurt by this. Oh but then he remembered that he had 14 other women literally throwing themselves at him so that helped him to get through this terrible incident. I'm sorry but if he considers what she did cheating, then what exactly is he doing with the 14 women who are competing for him? And maybe this also makes me a terrible person but I don't really blame the woman. If I had to sit around and wait while Jake the pilot decided whether or not I was good enough to go on a ridiculous fantasy date with him, I'd get bored and annoyed with the other girls and go find someone who knew what he wanted too. I think I'm just really over The Bachelor. Can you tell?

I really hope this story is true. Because even though I know I have zero chance ever with Justin Timberlake, it's always nicer knowing he's single. Jessica Biel is for some reason climbing Mt. Kilamanjaro while Justin is partying in Wyoming. There were rumors about this sometime last year so we'll see if it holds true.

A Royal Wedding?
Is Prince William finally going to marry his plain Jane (sorry but she is) girlfriend of eight years? Sources say that the Queen has told him she wants a princess by his side when she celebrates 60 years on the throne in 2012. A princess. Man why can't I be a princess? I would be so good at it. I'm very nice and I love to chat and I don't mind trying weird food. I feel these are all great qualities of being a princess. And I really like England. Also I speak Spanish and that should come in handy right? Where do I send my resume?

Another One Bites the Dust...
Looks like another high profile celeb is being hit by an angry mistress. Apparently Shaq has been having a 5-year affair with this woman and she thought she was pregnant with his kid but now she's taking him to court for "harassing" her. What's the harrassment? He pretty much told her he didn't think it was his. I'm just getting a little tired of these women putting themselves in these situations. And also these celebrities. Come on Shaq. I don't have the energy these days to write a 2-part series about you. It does surprise me though that Shaq would do something like this. Maybe I'm just that naive about superstars like this but I didn't really see this coming. Then again, who saw Tiger's whole little predicament coming either?

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