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So I was talking to my friend Justin who said that I can't possibly have a celebrity gossip blog without coverage of the Golden Globes tonight. I don't know how long this will last but we're going to give a live blog a shot!

Monique won Best Supporting Actress for Precious and Toni Collette won for Best Actress in a Comedy TV Series or something. Did you know she is Australian? And I think she was the person who was in the bathroom one year when she won an award.

Now onto the live stuff:

5:18: Yes! John Lithgow won for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series for his role in Dexter as the Trinity Killer. If you haven't seen Dexter yet seriously what are you waiting for? He gives a shoutout to Michael C. Hall who plays Dexter and just announced that he has cancer. Lithgow says "I've had the most wonderful time creeping out the entire country for the last six months." Excellent.

5:27: Sorry I was getting a snack. This live blog doesn't look promising if I can't make it through more than one award. I just missed Paul McCartney presenting for Best Animated Movie or something terrible so it's okay.

5:29: Kate Hudson presents a clip of Nine. Ricky Gervais is hosting tonight and he's pretty funny so at least we have that going for us tonight.

5:30: Swim results just came through so I'll have to split my time between a recap and my adoring fans. Also Felicity Huffman from Desperate Housewives is completely destroying her lines. She's talking about a charity organization so that makes it even worse.

5:33: Yeah NPH!

5:34: YES! Michael C. Hall wins Best Actor in a Drama Series for Dexter. It's his first win in four nominations. This season of Dexter was LEGIT. So here's a wierd thing though: he's married to the woman who plays his sister on the show.

5:36: Julianna Margulese wins an award. I just butchered her name but I've never even heard of this show she's on. The Good Wife? Apparently she does a good enough job to win Best Actress in a Drama Series. Her dress is terrible though.

5:42: Wow Harrison Ford is introducing a clip of Up In The Air and he sounds completely bored and a little old.

5:44: Ha Ricky Gervais just burned Paul McCartney for all the money his ex-wife with one leg took from him in their divorce. Why can't I think of her name? She was on Dancing with the Stars too. Cher and Christina Aguilera are presenting an award about music. I've stopped paying attention but Christina Aguilera has this weird part on her dress that looks like her boob is hanging out. Seriously though what are Cher and Christina Aguilera even doing there?

5:50: During the boring awards I was recap writing. However, how is Meryl Streep nominated twice in the same category? That seems pretty unfair. I mean I know she's amazing but there has to be someone else out there that deserves to at least be nominated.

5:55: It's annoying when some of these awards go to a miniseries or a TV series or something and the whole entire ensemble has to go on stage to receive the award. This just happened with Grey Gardens.

5:57: Ha because they took forever to get on stage, they could barely get their acceptance speech out. That's how you learn.

6:01: Meryl Streep was really nominated for that movie she's in with Alec Baldwin? That looks terrible. Luckily she wins for Julie and Julia instead of that one. The Best Actress in a Comedy Movie didn't have very good nominees. Sandra Bullock for The Proposal, Julie Andrews for Duplicity? No wonder Meryl Streep was nominated twice.

6:09: Helen Mirren is presenting a clip of Precious and reminds me that I'd like to add that movie where she plays Queen Elizabeth to my Netflix.

6:11: So the guy who was the main character in Avatar a) is not paralyzed and b) is English. That just messed with my brain a little bit.

6:14: Drew Barrymore wins for Grey Gardens. Her dress is pretty but she has this weird slinky thing on my shoulder. It looks like a sea cucumber but sparkly. She's super nervous for some reason and that's a little annoying. Do you think Jessica Lang is legitimately happy for her? They were both in the movie and they were nominated against each other and they always say that they're genuinely happy for their costar when they win but I think that's baloney. Also, for the last time is she or isn't she dating Justin Long aka The Mac Guy. He's her fricken date tonight so come on there has to be something going on right?

6:21: Back from commercial/recap break and Cameron Diaz is presenting. Apparently it's a big joke that Meryl Streep "slept with" Alec Baldwin in this terrible movie. Also, apparently there is ANOTHER Shrek coming out. Shrek: Now and Forever.

6:23: Wow so Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are presenting an award together for Best Screenplay: Motion Picture and their exchange literally just went like this:

Gerard Butler: It's an honor for us to be presenting together tonight.
Jennifer Aniston: Yep it is. Here are the nominees...

Weren't they rumored to have had a little fling? Interesting...

6:26: Ha. "Two of the stars from the movie Valentine's Day" are presenting. Has anyone seen the previews for this movie? Literally think of a name and they're in the movie. It's ridiculous.

6:27: Alec Baldwin wins for Best Actor in a TV Series: Comedy or Musical and man that category was loaded. Matthew Morrison for Glee, Steve Carrell from The Office, the lead guy from Hung which is a pretty funny show on Showtime, David Duchovny for Californication, and Alec Baldwin. That's a lot of talent. Matthew Morrison still should have won.

6:32: Samuel L. Jackson is yelling, I mean presenting. That's for you James.

6:38: Time for Best Drama: TV Series. I hear this Big Love show is pretty good but I've never seen it. James' boy House is nominated (dang James that's two shoutouts in this post). But Mad Men wins which I also hear is pretty legit. Maybe I should add it to my Netflix. Man I wanted Dexter!

6:45: Do you think Robert Pattinson is ticked off that Taylor Lautner got to present at the Golden Globes and he didn't?

6:47: Man! Jane Lynch loses Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series. She is legit in Glee. Instead this woman from Big Love won. And someone stepped on her dress. Oops.

6:50: Christoph Something wins Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for Inglorious Basterds. I never saw it. Matt Damon should have won. Matt Damon is my George Clooney. You know how some people lose their minds over George Clooney or Brad Pitt? That's what Matt Damon is to me. It's real and it's deep.

6:54: I think a Chrysler commercial just announced the nominees for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical. I was only half-listening so I can't be sure.

7:15: Okay so here's what we missed. Martin Scorsese won some kind of lifetime achievement award and I learned that I couldn't recognize a single movie he's made. So I should probably Netflix everything he owns. Then there were commercials. Now comes the moment of the night: So Ricky Gervais comes out and has a beer in his hand. So he tells everyone he's sorry if he's offended anyone tonight but it's not him, it's the drink. Then he says "I mean I like a drink as much as the next man. Unless the next man is... Mel Gibson." And Mel Gibson comes out to present the next award. Buckets.

7:18: James Cameron wins for Best Director for Avatar. He tells us first that he and Mel Gibson are neighbors and next that he is going to keep things brief because he has to "pee something fierce." You stay classy Mr. Cameron.

7:19: Best TV Series, Comedy or Musical is up. The nominees are: 30 Rock, Entourage, Glee, Modern Family and The Office. Wow this is a tough category. Come on Glee!

7:20: YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GLEE WIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! This time I don't care at all if the whole cast comes up on the stage. The whole "sexy fake teen cast" as the executive producer just called them. Hooray!!

7:27: Epic montage of The Hangover presented by Bradley Cooper, Andy from The Office, the guy who played Doug and... Mike Tyson. And The Hangover wins for Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical. Wow. That's pretty ridiculous considering the other nominees. And playing in the background as they make their way up to the stage? "And then we're gonna find our best friend Doug and then we're gonna give him a big tiger hug." Fantastic.

7:39: Well friends. That's all you're going to get out of me. I am STILL trying to finish my recap and I just made dinner plans so I'm out! Hope you enjoyed the live blog.

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