Triple R Early Edition

Hello everyone. As I am driving home to LA for the holidays tomorrow I won't be able to post our weekly edition of Romance Rumors and Rumblings. And boy oh boy there is a lot going on in the world of Hollywood romance.

Carrie Underwood is Engaged
Carrie Underwood and her hockey player boyfriend are engaged. Good for them. I'm a huge Carrie Underwood fan as she seems completely normal and down to earth plus she's an American Idol alum so what's not to like. She's genuinely talented and really pretty and yes I think she could be my girl crush. There I said it.

Brody and Jayde Split
So if any of you have ever watched an episode of The Hills you know who Brody and Jayde are. They've been dating for, as it says in the article, "about 15 months." Why isn't it just straight 15 months? Because they've broken up and gotten back together more times than I can count. On the show, they fight all the time. They broke up on the show this season, then they got back together at the end, but now apparently they've broken up again and this time for good. I'll believe it when I see it. The best part about this whole story is that they have to film the next season of The Hills together so that should be awesome.

Leann Rimes is Officially Divorced
So here's what I don't understand about this article. Why is this news? Leann Rimes has been stepping out with the guy she had the affair with for like 3 months. I think we all pretty much knew that a divorce was pending. I feel bad for her ex-husband though. He seems like a nice quiet guy who just wanted to be married.

Kate Hudson and A-Rod Call it Quits
So much for another Kate Hudson fling. Looks like she and A-Rod have officially called it quits and ::gasp:: she didn't invite him to her holiday party. O.M.G. This doesn't exactly surprise me. He was with Madonna for crying out loud. It just seemed like way too weird of a match. He's too much of a pretty boy for her hippy dippy ways.

One Jo Bro Ties the Knot
This story is ridiculous. The oldest Jonas Brother Kevin who is all of about 22 got married over the weekend in a CASTLE in Long Island. There was a giant blizzard but that didn't stop their 400 GUESTS from witnessing the wedding. The bride wore Vera Wang - blah blah, how unoriginal. You know what the most interesting part of this story? That Kevin Jonas can get laid now. Yep I said it. No more purity ring for K Jo.

Jon Minus Kate
It's official. Jon and Kate Gosselin are divorced. I mean there's not much to say here really. They thought it wouldn't happen until January but apparently they expedited Jon and Kate's so now it's done. The judge was probably tired of reading all about them accusing each other of terrible things and just said Ugh let's get this over with. Frankly, who can blame him?

Divorce for Tiger
Looks like Elin is moving forward with divorcing Tiger Woods. By the way did you know her name is pronounced Ee-lynn and not Ellen? Not only that but she has hired what appears to be the most powerful divorce lawyer in the world. Watch out Tiger. "Sources" all keep saying that she is definitely leaving him and it also looks like she will be spending Christmas in Sweden with the kids. Tiger meanwhile hasn't been seen in about three weeks which is kind of weird. It will be interesting to see how the prenup comes into play here. It looks like it could hold which would work out in Tiger's favor.

Phew. Hope you kept up. I think I still left out a few things if you can believe that.

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. Peace, love and joy to all of you and your loved ones!

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  1. I think you missed Tila Tequila is preggers...with her brother's progeny...oops