Celebrity News and Notes 12.1.09

When did it become December? Let's go!

(That intro was supposed to be like they do on that show Most Extreme Elimination Challenge - see the 1:24 mark of that clip.)

So I don't know what drove me to click on the link for this story but I'm kind of glad I did. So I see this headline that says Hailey Glassman aka Jon Gosselin's ex-22-year-old-rebound is finally going out on dates and I actually thought to myself "Good for her". I mean really it is good for her. She got caught up in this whirlwind with this dbag guy 10 years older than her who ended up kicking her to the curb to save his rep and, even though I probably made fun of her a lot on the Vox blog, we are new and improved with a new and improved attitude.

But then I read the article. Really? After I just said such nice things about you Hailey Glassman? Wait, let me say that in language you understand: I was like OMG Hailey's way cool =) I hope things work out for her n stuff. But then I read what she Twittered and I was l
ike wtf. Anyway, so now I think she's still just like...eh...annoying. haha.

So we know that everything Simon Cowell touches basically turns to gold. But do we really need yet another reality talent show here in the USA? Um I think not. We've got American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, the show with David Hasselhoff, So You Think You Can Dance and those are just the ones on primetime regular TV. Is it that hard to get creative and make scripted television anymore? This is a weird one though because it doesn't sound like they're actually making a TV show. It's going to be all online with people doing a pay-per-view system to watch episodes. Has anything like this been done before? Not sure. But I can't see a lot of success with this. I've worked with a system like this before and let me tell you, people get cranky when they think they're not getting what they paid for. But then again, if you're going to try to get people to throw money away on something, Vegas is the place to do that.

Hopefully there aren't any 14-year-olds reading this right now, but I think we are starting to see the end of the Jonas Brothers. What! I know. I've seen it before. When Justin Timberlake got to sing all of "Gone" by himself on the Celebrity album, that was a sign. He was the youngest, he was the best-looking (except for JC) and he was the most talented. So is Nick Jonas. The oldest one is about to get married. Oh and by the way, did anybody out there know that he's only 21 and about to get married? But I digress. The middle one is weird-looking. But Nick is very marketable and has a lot of years left in this business. And as much as they want to put out statements and Twitters and messages on their website that this is not the end of the Jo Bros... sorry boys and sorry teenyboppers.

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