Welcome to the greatest post in the history of Livin the Dream.
Julie, who is currently my absolute hero and favorite person, sent me the following link:

Do yourself a favor and click on View Burgers. Also turn up the volume on your computer. This is work-friendly so no worries. Seriously, do it now. I can wait.

Yes you're right. A collection of 30 delicious cheeseburgers packed with toppings, sauces, and cheeses for your viewing pleasure. Just seeing them not enough? Well then Joe from Family Guy will tell you just how amazing they are (that's why you're supposed to turn the volume on your computer up).

Craving more? Oh don't worry my friends. Click on the Make the Burger tab of any of the cheeseburgers. Ingredients baby, ingredients.

Which leads me to the most brilliant idea ever: the debut of a new feature on Livin the Dream.

The Cheeseburger of the Month

What!? That's crazy talk! I know. It's hard to contain your excitement.

Once a month, I will attempt, to the best of my ability, to recreate one of the cheeseburgers featured on the Cheese and Burger Society website. Along the way, the chaos will be documented via picture and/or video if I decide to get really crazy. Then, after feasting, we will post reviews of how the cheeseburger tasted maybe with some guest quotes.

It's going to be amazing.

First order of business, acquire a George Foreman grill. Though not the optimal way to cook a cheeseburger, for our purposes, it will do until we can do a BBQ.

Projected start date: January 2010.

If you're in the Sacramento area, you will be invited to join in on the Burger of the Month festivities so stay tuned!
Disclaimer: Some of the cheeseburgers have ingredients that might be a little hard to acquire at the fine grocery stores of Sac-Town. So we might take some artistic liberty with some of the toppings.
This originally started as "The 12 Days of Cheeseburger Christmas" but then I realized I'd probably have to do "The 112 Days of Working Out" in order to compensate for 12 straight days of cheeseburgers. So then I went to Cheeseburger of the Week. But then after looking at some of the ingredients, I realized it could a) get expensive to buy meat and different toppings every week and b) still be a little bit of cheeseburger overkill.
So a Cheeseburger of the Month made the most sense financially and um cheeseburger-ly. And as Julie said "Then it is a delicious treat to look forward to rather than a weekly chore." Brilliant.

In conclusion, this really is the greatest idea ever. And who knows? Maybe after I've mastered the first 12 cheeseburgers, perhaps I will have developed my culinary skills enough to tackle the rest.

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  1. This will be a feature of epic proportions.

    "This is no mere sandwich of grilled meat and toasted bread...this is God talking to us through food" - Marshall, HIMYM

    Enjoy Amanda, enjoy!