Part Dos of Triple R-The Tiger Woods Edition

Okay we are ready now for part two of "Romance Rumors and Rumblings - The Tiger Woods Edition". I took a few days off because it was the fall finale of "Glee" then we had Scotto and James in the house (shoutout) all weekend.

On to the good stuff. On Tuesday we discussed the mistresses and Tiger's wife so that means today we will discuss the man of the hour himself as well as what the future may hold for Mr. Woods. This could also be long too, so that's your disclaimer.

Tiger Tiger Woods Y'all
I'm semi-stealing this joke from CM but somewhere Phil Mickelson is having a great week. Man I did not see this coming. An affair with one woman maybe but upwards of 10? I'm not going to go through who each and every woman is but let me tell you, there's no one special on that list. A bunch of waitresses, some partygoers and club hoppers, I think a porn star was mentioned; where are your standards Tiger? But I think I'm getting ahead of myself.

So why does one of the most successful pro athletes in the world (money and championship-wise) end up in trouble like this? My first thought is that it stems from boredom. We all think he's amazing. We can't take our eyes off him when he plays and can't stop talking about him around the water cooler the next day. But maybe he thinks of it as just another day. Maybe because golf is technically his job he sees it like we see our jobs. You get up and go to work. Sometimes you have a good day and sometimes you have a bad day. The day ends and you come home. You eat dinner, talk with your family, maybe argue with your wife. You watch TV. You go to bed. And you do it all again the next day. I know it's crazy to think because his job involves travel and fancy cars and clothes and all the riches of a celeb lifestyle. But maybe he really is tired of it.

Think of something you've been doing since you were what 3 years old? Not many of us really have a thing like that. I guess mine is reading so I'll use that. How big of a "passion" do I really have for reading? At the end of the day, I like doing it. Some days I really can't wait to snuggle up with a good book and some nights I'm like ugh reading sounds like way too much work right now. But it doesn't define me like golf defines Tiger Woods. Tiger has been playing golf for a really long time and I don't think it's the actual golf that he might be bored with, but possibly more of everything that goes with it.

So with that comes a second guess as to why this is all happening: the pressures of his lifestyle. Again it's hard for us to imagine but it's not out of the realm of possibility is it? Having never played real golf in my entire life, I'm not gonna lie, I think golf is an incredibly stressful sport. I don't really understand what's so relaxing about it, except if you play it my way. And my way includes flip cup, iPod speakers blasting Journey and snacks. I don't know, golf just seems really stressful. It's just you out there in your own head and that can take a toll on a person. And god forbid the ball gets stuck in the sand or next to a tree. Then you basically have to make a shot that involves phrases like "98 degree angle" and magic/wizardry isn't allowed. That stresses me out just thinking about it. So not only does Tiger have to play golf, but he gets the privilege of doing it with 8000 people standing four feet away from him staring at him. I'm sorry but these all sound like very high pressure situations to me. Plus because he's Tiger, he's not supposed to lose. So if he does for some reason lose, he gets analyzed and questioned and that can stress someone out too. He also has to maintain a certain image for his endorsements; he has to be that ultimate man all the time to fit the brand of Nike and Gillette and Tag Heuer watches and Gatorade.

So boredom and/or stress seem to be some plausible ideas as to why he could have gone semi-out of control like this right?

Okay so now why these random, obscure women? And why so many? I cannot understand why someone cheats. If things aren't good at home and you want to be with someone else, then leave and go. Divorce isn't that great for your image but trust me, you look like an even bigger jackass now. So I will never understand cheating and frankly I don't want to. Perhaps this is him rebelling. If he is that sick of the lifestyle and the standards he has to uphold all the time, maybe this is his way of doing something completely out of character and the exact opposite of everything people think about him. Maybe if he is sick of his boring life, this would be the obvious way to make things a lot less boring. I just don't think he was expecting to get caught. So that's his bad for getting with LA cocktail waitresses who want to get famous fast. Clearly they are loving this attention.

So do I feel bad for Tiger Woods? Not really. He effed up. (Warning: girl power talk about to commence) He had a wife who appeared to love him and support him and his career and not to mention the two children they have. If nothing else, the kids have to come into play at some point to make someone think twice about their decisions. Although they're too young now, I'm sure at some point in their life things will come up and then what? I'm just saying that he had it all and for whatever reason, he felt the need to throw it all away. I just don't get it. Like I said before, if you're that unhappy with things, just leave. You'll look bad at first, but people will get over divorce a heck of a lot faster than they will when it comes out you slept with 13 women over the last few years.

The Future
So what lies ahead for these three parties?

Well clearly the mistresses are already doing their part to cash in on the situation. One is already getting offers to do Playboy, I think all of them are hiring Gloria Allred for some situation. Why do THEY need a lawyer? That's what I don't get at all. The paparazzi is all about them. So slowly but surely, I feel like they're all getting what they wanted. Like I said before, cocktail waitresses and socialites are usually about one thing: the attention. So congrats girls, I guess.

We've started to see the direction that Tiger's wife might take. It's rumored that she's bought a house in Sweden and did it all on her own. Apparently she was also spotted without her wedding ring while pumping gas in Florida. So maybe that means that she's getting used to the idea of living life without him? I'm not gonna lie, I would probably walk away if I was her. Take Tiger to the house, take the kids, hire a bunch of maids and nannies and just make it work.

Finally we've also started to see the "fallout" that Tiger is suffering. A couple of sponsors have dropped him, most notably Gatorade and Gillette. He's taken an indefinite leave from golf. But you wonder if somehow it's the fact that he's not playing golf more than anything else. Gatorade came out pretty quickly and said they were stopping his drink, but otherwise it's been slow announcements here or there with most of them not happening until after he announced he wasn't playing golf for the next little while.

In the end I think Tiger will come out just fine. Nike's standing by him as is EA Sports. He'll come back to golf and dominate just like he did after his knee surgery and every other time he's needed to. If he's smart, he waits until his wife tells him he can go back to playing golf. His focus should be on figuring out what he wants. But he also needs to realize that what he wants might not be what he gets to have. Right now, his future probably lies in the hands of his wife and he has to be okay with that. She gets to call the shots right now and he needs to respect that.

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  1. TAG Heueuuueuer is also standing by him.

    I dont think the wifey is gonna leave just yet, as it seems their marriage contract givces her massive cash $$$ (monies) for staying married to him.