Super Quick Movie Reviews

Things have been a little crazy so I haven't done much writing but I'm okay with that. But let's try to get back into the swing of things with a couple of movie reviews.

First of all, yes I still have "Up" and the first season of "Gossip Girl" checked out from Netflix. They were sent to me June 5. Oops, I should probably get on that... What happens if you just don't ever return a movie to Netflix? I guess if I don't mail these two back soon I'll find out for myself.

Let's go!

The Book of Eli - Saw this with my dad and brother on On Demand when I was home a few weeks ago. Awesome. Seriously this movie is so good. First, it has Denzel and who doesn't love Denzel (well, my cousin apparently but she's literally the only person I know who isn't a fan of his work)? Rachel Bilson aka Summer from The OC is in it too and she is fantastic. There's a lot of shooting/killing/action in this one and usually I'm not a fan of that but the way the movie was filmed, it was easy for me to sit through. Interesting storyline with an incredible twist at the end. Do yourself a favor. Double thumbs up.

Invictus - Another On Demand-er with my family. Kinda long but a good inspiring based on a true story type movie. Love me some Matt Damon so maybe I'm biased. I wasn't so blown away by it, but overall it held my interest and I'd recommend it. One thumb up, one thumb sideways

Julie and Julia - Not gonna lie, it was kinda boring. Meryl Streep was really really good as Julia Child and I was really engrossed in the parts with her as she portrayed Julia Child. But then it would go back to the Amy Adams parts and I'd be bored. She's such a good actress, but there wasn't much substance to her storyline of wanting to cook everything in Julia Child's cookbook. One thumb down, one thumb sideways

Yes Man - Jim Carrey is a super negative guy who decides to turn over a new leaf and say yes to everything. Literally everything. It had some pretty funny moments but it was soooo long. Like unnecessarily long. And there is a love story but his love interest is played by Zooey Deschanel who I'm pretty sure is my age. And Jim Carrey is, well, not my age. So that was awkward. But overall it was pretty fun. Two thumbs sideways

Duplicity - Terrible. Don't waste your time. I was confused the entire time and there was way too much secrecy/behind the back stuff going on plus there were way too many characters. Hated it. Two thumbs down

The Heartbreak Kid - I got this from Netflix then realized that I had already seen it. Typical Ben Stiller comedy. He gets married then meets another woman while on his honeymoon and falls in love with her. Usually I like Ben Stiller but this one was just too silly for me. One thumb down, one thumb sideways

Inception - Awesome. Saw this with my dad over the weekend while I was home and it was really really good. Combination of The Matrix with some elements of James Bond/Mission Impossible thrown in. Great characters, great special effects and I thought the storyline was decently easy to follow considering it could very easily have been really confusing. I highly recommend going to see it. Two thumbs up

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