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Running out of things to DVR this summer? Well don't worry because we here at Livin' the Dream have the answer to your boob tube blahs.

Season Two of Jersey Shore premieres Thursday and I personally cannot believe what I've seen in the trailer for this season... which obviously means I have already set my DVR to series record. But I do have to admit that the antics of Snooki, The Situation and the rest of these characters (except of course for Vinny... I mean look at this face!) are starting to get a little old. And a third season is already set to go. How much more drunken fist-pumping can we handle? So what if we changed things up juuuust a bit? Same general premise, same ratio of guys to girls. But this time? They're Asian.

Meet "K-Town".

Produced by Tyrese (yes the model), the show stars four guys and four girls living and partying together in Koreatown in LA. It has its own version of Snooki and its own version of The Situation and I'm pretty sure there isn't going to be too much about it that's drastically different from Jersey Shore. Except that instead of self-proclaimed Italian guidos and guidettes where only a couple are actually of Italian descent, this cast is bona fide Korean, even down to their beverage of choice.

I'm sorry but I can't see this being more successful than Jersey Shore and I really, really hope that this doesn't become a new trend for MTV. Jersey Shore's success comes from it being completely original and completely out of nowhere. It can't be duplicated so MTV execs shouldn't try. The lack of creativity and new ideas on TV these days bothers me a lot sometimes and this case is no exception. You figure out one recipe for success and next thing you know, next year there are four other shows exactly like that except more extreme with crazier characters all trying to do more, be more and mess up more.

But don't worry. If MTV isn't family-friendly enough for you then our next two choices are sure to make it somewhere into your DVR list.

It might just be Kate Plus Eight now, but that's not holding the most famous mom in the world back. No hubby? No problem. Just call in some friends of the family to help out every once in a while. Friends like... Sarah Palin?

On an upcoming episode of Kate Plus Eight, Kate and her kids will team up with Sarah Palin to go on a camping trip in Alaska where they'll apparently battle giant mosquitos and learn natural history from Sarah Palin's father (a retired science teacher) and brother (a not retired teacher).

My question is where's the connection? Who actually sat down and thought that this pairing makes sense to anybody? They might as well have paired Kate with Angelina Jolie because oh look she has a lot of kids too. Because that's the only link I see. Sarah Palin also comes from a big family. But does Sarah Palin have a lot of kids now and a deadbeat Ed Hardy-lovin' dbag husband? No. Does Kate Gosselin absolutely love the outdoors and gross things like huge mosquitoes? No.

I don't get it.

You know what else I don't get?

How is David Hasselhoff STILL on television? (sidenote, that link has a video in the article that will automatically start playing)

Basically one of The Hoff's daughters is pissed because she thinks her family is getting thrown under a bus. So what better way is there to prove to America that David Hasselhoff really is a good dad than by going on TV and showing the world? Look, if we didn't buy it while he was judging on America's Got Talent, we're not buying it now. Specifically because the show has nothing to do with them being a family.

The article first tells us that the two daughters are working on their aspiring music careers, which David will oversee. Well okay so there I can see some kind of family dynamic at work. The daughters want to follow in dear ole dad's footsteps and he wants to offer his paternal wisdom and guidance to them. Cuuuuute.

Oh but wait... then what about this:

Hayley, 17, and her sister Taylor Ann, 20, will be developing an album for their band, Bella Vida, while David will be belting his own tunes, touring in Austria.

How is The Hoff supposed to play the role of doting dad when he's traipsing all over Europe plugging his own agenda? This is basically an entire TV series where we watch two unknown budding singers attempt to make a CD and a washed up former TV star trying to keep his dreams alive any way he can. Sounds like a winner.

Okay now time for a legit plug. Seriously.

Starz! is turning the greatest book I have ever read (and you all know how I feel about reading) into a mini-series. The Pillars of the Earth began airing on July 23. First, I don't know anyone who has Starz! and second this post kind of serves no purpose because the premiere already happened. But they have the episodes online and I highly encourage everyone to check out the book as well as the series if you have time. The book is super long - like 900 pages long - but it is amazing. The story focuses on the 12th century town of Kingsbridge and the massive project/battle to build a giant cathedral. But interwoven through that is the fight between the church and the government, corruption, love, war, death, redemption, and so much more. The characters are brilliant. Seriously do yourselves a favor.

So in conclusion, vote in the new poll and tell everyone which of these new ideas will be the worst.

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