Why Ladies? Why?

I will be the first to say that girls do some pretty unexplainable things. I cry at Glee. I can't explain why I do but it just happens and I can't control it so I just give in. I don't drink beer out of a can. Well... come on now who are we kidding? It is beer after all. So I guess I should say I prefer not to drink beer out of a can. Bottles and pint glasses are classier.

Anyway there is one thing that even I don't understand about my fellow ladies.

Why do girls insist on talking on their cell phones in a public bathroom?

I will never understand this. Guys, do other dudes do this? What on earth could be so important that you can't tell the person "Hey listen, let me call you back in 45 seconds." Because honestly, I would bet that that's about the average length of time it takes someone to go to the bathroom. The answer is nothing. Because the few conversations I have had the unfortunate privilege of hearing have definitely been about absolutely nothing.

Which brings me to my next point. I don't really want to hear about what you're talking about. Not there. It's just a little...close is all I'm saying. Plus, it's annoying. Most public restrooms have a terrible echo in them so you spend 90% of the conversation that was so important you couldn't possibly put it on pause yelling "What?" into your phone. And maybe it's just me but the sound of a flushing toilet in a public bathroom isn't exactly quiet. Doesn't that embarrass the person on the phone?

I"m just saying that this is weird. Of course the girls' room is made for girlfriends to all go together to gossip and talk. I did this twice a week for 20 minutes with one of the student assistants and it was awesome. But the phone has no place there. Keep it in the supermarket aisles and illegally on the freeways where it belongs.

Friends, just say no to talking on the phone in public restrooms.

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