Heidi Needs a Hug

It's officially time to blog about Heidi.

First let's start off by asking a very simple question: When is the last time you heard any news about Spencer? Things are not looking good for Mrs. Pratt when I actually want a story about her rih-tard of a husband. God remember the days of Spencer wanting to change his name to King and Spencer telling America that Heidi as a pop star was going to be bigger than Michael Jackson because she had the Holy Spirit in her? I mean that was some great stuff.

These stories coming out about Heidi are just sad. And I think it's time for either an adult to get involved or for someone to give her a hug. Even if it might pop her new boobs. Oh snap. Yes I went there.

I mean let's start with that. So okay she spoke out about getting a nose job and a breast augmentation (I love how after making what is a semi-crass joke for me, I come back with "breast augmentation". I am classy all the time.) in US Magazine and how she got picked on hardcore because she was so flat and how it messed with her head. I have no problem with this. Well then she embarks on this whole pop star thing so obviously she needs to have boobs that are juuuust a little bit bigger and she needs to pose for Playboy. Still in the realm of normal. Out of my comfort zone but still not unheard of.

Then we see her on The Hills and she suddenly has baby fever. So she starts doing all of these crazy secretive things to try and get pregnant without Spencer finding out because he doesn't want kids. Is this where the wheels started to fall off?

Answer me this: How do you go from dying to have a baby to getting 10 surgical procedures in one day and hiring a psychic to manage your career?

Don't you dare tell me it's because The Hills is not really reality either and so they just write in the baby stuff into the script. Yes I'm sure that's the case but there's something much bigger going on here.

I understand that she lives in a world where she's surrounded by beautiful people and so there are added pressures to look a certain way. Okay so a couple things here and there never hurt anybody and if it makes you feel good about yourself why not? But apparently there's such a thing as plastic surgery addiction.

I just get upset because she was way cute when she first was on the show and she's really young and she could have a lot going for her but she's getting wrapped up in this whole reality TV business and completely losing sight of who she is. I obviously have no idea who she is as a person but I can tell she's losing sight of it. She's 23 for Pete's sake.

On that note, where are her parents? Where is any sort of adult guidance in this situation? I thought that finally someone was going to step in and say enough is enough when her plastic surgeon said he wouldn't do anymore surgeries on her...then said it was because there's nothing left to do. Why doesn't any sort of authority figure, namely her parents, step in and say you're done?

Now she's decided she's going to have a psychic run her "career". First of all, I didn't know that devout Christians, as she claims to be, believed in psychics or indulged in anything like that. Secondly, once again, where is some kind of adult figure to step in and say hey maybe you should play with kids your own age and not psychics. I'm sure he's very nice and mystical and all that, but to put your entire future into the hands of a psychic just doesn't strike me as the best business decision. So I ask again, where are the parents or some sort of authority figure to step in and say hey, if you need help, you should try this, not a psychic. For Pete's sake where is her so-called husband? He might not be much of an adult himself but at the very least as her partner he should have some part in these decisions wouldn't you think?

So is this what it takes to be famous these days? Making crazy headlines and even crazier personal choices just to stay current and in the game? I just can't wrap my head around the fact that she really thinks she's doing herself favors and that she's really making some great decisions for herself.

Okay I know, lots of unanswered questions and I feel like this post was kind of all over the place but my two points are this: 1. I feel sad for Heidi because of the lack of guidance or real support she seems to have. And 2. As much as I might rant and rave about all this, it still won't stop me from watching The Hills.

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