A Claim Against the Oscar Curse

So the latest news to rock the celeb gossip world is that Sandra Bullock's husband had an affair with a terrible-looking woman who is covered in tattoos. Bullock, who has been dubbed America's Sweetheart, has yet to speak on the subject and has withdrawn from several red carpet events, including premieres overseas for her movie "The Blind Side" which nabbed her the Best Actress Oscar just a few weeks ago. Her husband Jesse James, who fixes cars on some TV show or something, has made a statement that basically says yes, something happened with this other woman. He has been seen in public repeatedly with his children, or maybe there's just one child, I don't really know, but he's out and about like it's no thing while Bullock has yet to be seen. He does look somber though according to US Weekly so at least he has that going for him I guess.

First of all, this sucks. I like Sandra Bullock so much because she's normal. She's up there with Julia Roberts, Kate Beckinsale, and Kate Winslet (more on that later). They make great movies, they're beautiful, they're down-to-earth and they just go about their every day lives. You never hear about them involved in any type of scandal - until now. So I just feel bad for Sandra Bullock because I don't think she deserves something like this. She finally makes it big in her acting career and gets away from the whole Miss Congeniality typecasting and this is the thanks she gets?

Which leads me to my next point. Apparently, and I have never heard of this, there is something out there called The Oscar Curse. You've heard of the Madden Curse? On the video game Madden, there has always been some giant coincidence that the player featured on the cover of the game somehow always ends up with some debilitating injury that very same year. So players and the media have taken to calling it the Madden Curse. Similarly, this Oscar Curse states that women who win the Best Actress award subsequently end up splitting from their significant other shortly after winning the award.

So I'm here to say that I think that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

"Experts" basically have come up with two reasons for why these women can't make their relationship work after winning that little golden statue. Either these women let the fame get to their head and become giant divas that nobody can stand to be around or the men become so completely threatened by being in a relationship with somebody who is so much more powerful than them that they can't handle it and back out. Another point that people try to make is that these actresses are surrounded by beautiful people all the time and that temptation is too much for them to handle.

So let's break it down shall we?

Sandra Bullock received the Best Actress Award at this year's Oscars for her performance in "The Blind Side" which I still need to Netflix. Then a few weeks later, it comes out that her husband slept with another woman while she was filming her movie. First off, I obviously don't know Sandra Bullock at all but she does not strike me as the type to diva out on everyone. Like I said, she comes off as completely normal. Yes she makes movies, yes she's gotten a lot of press lately for her movie, but have you heard anything about her new "diva" antics on the red carpet? Not only that but she has thanked her husband profusely for stepping out of his comfort zone to attend these premieres and award shows with her. So could it be a case of her husband suddenly feeling threatened by her? Well if that's the case, then why do reports say that he started the affair with this woman while she was on location, not around the time she won the Oscar? If you ask me, this one can get pinned on the guy. His ex-wife is some kind of stripper or porn star or something so he doesn't strike me as the type to make great relationship decisions. So in the case of Bullock vs. James, classy Sandra Bullock 1, Jesse James 0.

It was also recently announced that Kate Winslet and her husband, director Sam Mendes, are divorcing after six years of marriage. Winslet won the Best Actress Oscar last year for "The Reader". As a matter of fact, he's directed a lot of movies that have gone on to win a lot of awards. "American Beauty" was his, "Revolutionary Road" (which starred Kate Winslet) was his, "Jarhead" was his, and "Road to Perdition" was his. You've heard of these movies. So isn't it safe to say that Mendes is JUST as famous as his wife? So how can someone argue that he suddenly felt threatened by her success after winning an Oscar? He has his own Oscar, his own Golden Globe and a slew of other awards for the work he's done. Furthermore, they're British. The English definitely give off a diva vibe sometimes (I think it's the accent), but if they're both British doesn't that cancel itself out?

These two situations are pretty different. Sandra Bullock's husband just made a really dumb mistake and I'd be reacting in exactly the same way if I were her. Cheating is not okay ever. I understand that there is probably a lot of extra work that has to go into a relationship when you're a big time actor or actress. You're away a lot on location filming or promoting the film or attending award shows and film festivals. But Sandra Bullock strikes me as the type to always come home to her husband and her family and to show them all her appreciation for standing by her. Plus, he's on TV isn't he? So doesn't he have long days of shooting his show and doesn't he have to do pressers for it too? So I do not sympathize with him at all. He gets no love from LTD. If it was too hard for him or too different of a lifestyle for him, then just walk away. But don't put up the front that you're a loving loyal husband and let your wife say all of these nice things about you to the media and her peers and then pull a stunt like this. You want to go be with THIS instead, then go. This is not a curse - this is just a guy being a jerk.

Not only do Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes make me a lot less angry than Sandra Bullock's situation, but I understand how their separation might have come about. Again, this isn't a curse - this is two people simply growing apart. When you're a big time director and your wife is a big time actress, there's going to be a lot of time spent apart. There really isn't that much to say. It just kind of is what it is.

So no, I do not for a second believe in the Oscar curse. I think life happens, sometimes it sucks, but sometimes terrible things need to happen in order for people to learn about themselves and the person they want to be. It's all really very simple, Hollywood.

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