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The 68th Annual Golden Globes are about to get underway so it's time for another live blog.  The show is 3 hours long so I will try not to comment on every single thing but well if you know me or have ever heard me tell a story... yeah... we'll see. Ricky Gervais is hosting, Glee is nominated a bunch, I think it's going to be a fantastic night.

I was just watching some sort of red carpet special that involved Carson Daly, Natalie Morales who I think is from the Today show and a British woman interviewing the stars about what they were wearing.  Here are some parting thoughts from that:
- Carrie Underwood's dress is amazing and I want to be her.
- Natalie Portman's dress was cute and pink
- Ummm did anybody else know that Christian Bale is British? How did I not get this memo?
- Somehow Carson Daly has made himself relevant again. Not talented. Just relevant.

Here we go!

5:03 - Ricky Gervais' opening monologue was fantastic.

5:04 - Christian Bale wins Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture. I seriously had no clue that he was British. This is really messing with me.

5:07 - LL Cool J is wearing a tux and a Kangol hat. Isn't it time for him to no longer be called LL Cool J? He's not rapping anymore is he? He's on some CSI-ish type show. He is presenting Best Actress in a TV Series - Drama. I have never heard of any of these shows except The Closer.

5:09 - Okay so the woman who just won has been nominated before... for her role as Peggy Bundy on Married with Children. What a career move huh? The cameras showing Ed O'Neil aka Al Bundy while she was getting her award now makes a lot more sense.

5:15 - How do I become this Miss Golden Globe? I would be amazing at it. Smile a lot. Ask nicely that someone stand here and not there. Smile more and follow people offstage. Wear an incredible dress. Seriously where do I sign up? All bets are off that I'll behave myself if Matt Damon or any member of Glee end up onstage though.

5:21 - Yay the first Glee nomination! Chris Colfer for his role as Kurt is up for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series...

5:22 - AAAAAAAH!!! He wins!!! I just yelled and clapped a bunch of times. Oh man this is seriously such a great moment to watch! They are all so so so thrilled for him. Lea Michele is crying for him, Jane Lynch is beaming, his speech is absolutely fantastic. That was super fun.

5:28 - I just tweeted Chris Colfer to congratulate him on his win. Is this super nerdy of me?

5:29 - Eva Longoria almost just slipped and fell coming out on stage. Her dress is awesome though.

5:32 - Something's got the cat all fired up and she's making me nuts.

5:36 - Boardwalk Empire just won for Best TV Series - Drama. I've never seen it but apparently Mark Wahlberg is involved so it must be good.

5:41 - I can't believe that movie Social Network is nominated. Apparently I missed the boat on this one. I'll add it to Netflix.

5:44 - Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Lopez are presenting now and JLo just reminded the crowd that she is a judge on American Idol by way of the most awkward segue ever. Let me remind Jenny from the Block that we're not as excited about it as she is.

5:49 - US Weekly's Twitter just let me know that ::gasp:: Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johanson came to the Golden Globes in similar dresses and that Bullock is 46. I would love to look like Sandra Bullock when I'm 46.  Shoot I'd like to look like Sandra Bullock now...

5:55 - Toy Story 3 wins Best Animated Motion Picture. I thought Despicable Me would definitely take it. Apparently that movie has changed people's lives because my friends can't stop talking about it.

5:59 - Emma Stone (from Easy A and Superbad) dyed her hair blonde and has a terrible fake tan. Didn't even recognize her. She is nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical for Easy A. Seriously? First The Social Network and now Easy A? What is wrong with you Hollywood Foreign Press?

6:01 - Emma Stone does not win. She's super cute and talented but a Golden Globe for that role would have been too much.

6:10 - More boring awards, no fabulous dresses...

6:14 - Claire Danes just won an award and she is really gorgeous. Her dress is pretty awesome. Hot pink, halter, backless. She's working it out.

6:21 - Zac Efron needs to get rid of the barely-there mustache and loosen up while presenting this movie and then I'll take him seriously again.

6:23 - Tina Fey and Steve Carrell win my award for Best Presenters of the Night. Hilarious. Also Tina Fey's dress was really pretty. Top five of the night for me.

6:24 - What the heck? The Social Network just won Best Screenplay - Motion Picture.  Seriously, was this movie THAT good?

6:27 - Oh man here we go, another Glee nomination. Jane Lynch is up for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series but it's a super tough category. She's up against Boardwalk Empire and Sophia Vergara from Modern Family...

6:29 - AAAAAAAHHHHHH SHE WINS!!!! Wow I seriously didn't even see that coming. Another fantastic speech, this time with some humor thrown in. What a great night for Glee fans!

6:35 - Wooooooah Olivia Wilde's dress is very big and ball gowny. It's really pretty but it's gigantic!

6:38 - Glee nomination #3 of the night! Lea Michele is up for Best Actress in a TV Series - Comedy or Musical. It's a tough group and Laura Linney (who isn't even there) wins in a very anticlimactic announcement by Vanessa Williams.

6:45 - Matthew Morrison is now nominated for Best Actor in a TV Series - Comedy or Musical. Now I thought that he'd have to be worried about Steve Carrell and Alec Baldwin but apparently this show the Big Bang Theory is good enough that their guy won it. Alec Baldwin looks a little irritated but Matthew Morrison is laughing and stuff.

6:51 - OMG Matt Damon is going to present next.

7:01 - Stone. Fox.

7:02 - What is Diddy doing at the Golden Globes? Probably the same thing Ryan Seacrest is doing except without being a dbag.

7:03 - Angelina Jolie looks very uncomfortable whenever the camera pans to her and Brad Pitt in the audience.

7:13 - I'm surprised Black Swan hasn't won more awards tonight. Meanwhile The Social Network wins ANOTHER award, this time for Best Director - Motion Picture.

7:16 - Can Glee win Best TV Series - Comedy or Musical??

7:17 - AAAAAAHHHHHHHH Glee wiiiiiiinnnnnnnssssssss!!!!!!!!!

7:19 - Dang they fit the ENTIRE cast on that stage - even Korofsky and that kid that stalks Lea Michele and stone fox Blaine are up there.

7:23 - I also want to look like Halle Berry at any part of my life, especially in my 40s.

7:30 - I might add Joseph Gordon-Levitt to my list of normal-acting famous guys that I would love to date. The list is now him and Josh Groban.

7:32 - Natalie Portman is so cute and pregnant in her pink dress. Black Swan finally gets some love as she wins Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama.

7:35 - Ricky Gervais is on point tonight.

7:44 - If this kid wins Best Actor for The Social Network, I'm going to be super irritated. Mark Wahlberg (who has looked really annoyed all night tonight) or Colin Firth HAVE to win this.

7:45 - Hooray for Colin Firth! The movie he won the award for, The King's Speech, looks really good.

7:51 - Cuuuuuute Michael Douglas gets a standing ovation when he comes out to present.

7:53 - You have GOT to be kidding me! The Social Network just won Best Motion Picture - Drama. Honestly can somebody please tell me if this movie, a movie about FACEBOOK, was that good? I love me some Justin Timberlake, but I cannot believe a movie he was in just won a Golden Globe for Best Picture.

That's all folks! Great show, a few surprises, Ricky Gervais killed, but most importantly GLEE WOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNN!  Piechowski... out.

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