The Trifecta is Complete...

So about a week ago, Kara Dioguardi announced that she is leaving American Idol. First Simon, then Ellen out of nowhere, and now Kara. Which means we're left with Randy. Word, dawg.

I'm not really sad to see Kara leave to tell you the truth. She was always kind of a diva and didn't bring a whole lot to the table. She's written some pretty famous songs and seems to be doing pretty well with that (she discovered that guy Jason Derulo) so I never quite understood why she suddenly was joining American Idol... unless the producers were grooming her to be the new Paula... because they knew Paula was going to be fired the very next season? American Idol urban legends.

So now, the trifecta is complete and American Idol gets to effectively start all over again with choosing the new judges. Jackpot. This can either be a recipe for success or a complete disaster. But it needs to happen soon because auditions begin this month.

So who are the rumored potentials? According to Variety magazine, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith are expected to officially be added to the show in the next few days.

And how does this make me feel? Terrible.

First, Jennifer Lopez. Jenny from the block will be way too nice and cutesy and won't ever say anything constructive. She's just kind of annoying. You can tell she is trying to get in the mix because her own career is more or less over. Her movies are bombing and when's the last time she put out a song? She's desperate and American Idol would put her back on the map so no wonder she wants to be considered.

And Steven Tyler? I will say that obviously the guy knows how to entertain. But he's old, weird and not current at all. This is a very strange career move for him as well. Clearly it might be time for him to think about calling it quits from performing. But is American Idol the next step for him? I also think he has just too much star power. The five judges were still at the end of the day not really these huge celebrities that seemed unapproachable. Steven Tyler feels like he would be like this and I don't think that's the vibe that American Idol should go with.

But apparently that's it. That's who they're going with. And I think they're blowing it. People are losing interest in the show big time. I barely watch. Part of that has to do with Seacrest who's just the worst. But here the producers have the chance to bring this show back to life and I feel like they just rushed into the most major decision that this show has ever had to make.

A while ago, when I learned of Simon's pending departure, I took a stab at who I thought would be great replacements for Simon. Not gonna lie, I still think my options are better.

There are so many artists and music moguls out there who would be on this show in five seconds if they were asked and would do a really good job. Diddy would be awesome (is that even his name anymore?), Pharrell, Timbaland, there are so many other options out there besides these two.

So I guess we'll see American Idol. I hope you're very confident in your decision because I don't think too many of your fans are going to be. Good luck because this... is a really bad decision.

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