Hey! You Had Your Turn!

So last night on Dancing with the Stars, Tom Bergeron of course plugged the new upcoming season of The Bachelor and the camera showed the new bachelor and the host, Chris Harrison, whose job is hysterical to me.

The new bachelor is a guy named Brad Womack. Now usually whoever got dumped on The Bachelorette usually becomes the next bachelor so I figured he was from last season of The Bachelorette which I didn't watch because that girl annoyed me to no end. However, after further research - and Tom Bergeron making a joke about him "actually picking someone this time" - I realized who he is.

This guy Brad already was The Bachelor! In 2007 he got down to the last two women and then didn't pick anybody. And now he's back for round two?

I understand that sometimes you want a second chance at things. Trust me, I understand. But buddy, you had your shot. What makes you think that things are going to be so different this next time around?

Apparently he was up against a guy who was on the show last season but I'm not sure if the other guy turned it down or ABC just decided that going with Brad was a better option because clearly it makes for better television. Shoot I'm about to watch just to see if the guy actually goes through with it at the end. But if I was the other guy and Brad was picked over me, I'd be pretty ticked off right now. Poor guy gets dumped on national TV then doesn't even get the chance to try things out for himself on the show.

This stands as yet another reason why I get annoyed with this show and it falls under the general umbrella of the fact that The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have lost a lot of touch with reality. From the exotic locations to the over the top dates themselves, this show is not how normal people meet each other and fall in love. Is the low success rate really a surprise? I feel like the couple gets back to their normal lives and things like going out for pizza isn't enough after they've been flown to Tuscany to make pizza themselves from a real Italian before riding a gondola into the sunset. How can normal life compare to the six weeks they've just experienced?

So this latest stunt falls under the same category for me. Again, this guy had 25-30 women there to win him over and he just walks away. Now he gets the chance to have another 25-30 women - beautiful, successful, pretty perfect women might I add - throwing themselves at him while he's traveling the world? This does not happen in real life. Sometimes you blow your chance and that's that and there's no ABC to ride in on their white horse and rescue it for you.

In a few articles, he's talked about how he's changed so much and how he knows now what he needs to do to really make it work with someone. Well congratulations but why can't you just make that work in your normal life in Texas? Why do you get hooked up like that? I just don't think it's fair.

Like I said before though, this is obviously going to make for great TV so I guess some credit has to be given to ABC for making this decision. But if it falls through again, they're going to have a lot of unhappy customers on their hands.

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