Video of the Day 3/29/11 - Not Shocking Edition

Chad Ochocinco/Johnson/the wide receiver from the Cincinnati Bengals has decided that in the event of the NFL lockout he needs a new career to fall back on. And since he played soccer in high school, well why not just join the MLS?

Um because you haven't played soccer since high school?

Sporting KC played a scrimmage basically against the equivalent of an MLS D-League team and Ochocinco got in for the last 30 minutes and was... well... let's just go to the video:

I'm not saying the MLS is on the level of the EPL or La Liga, but frankly, he's not going to hack it. The only thing I can picture him being is like a third or fourth string forward who goes in late in the game just so that balls can be served over the top to him and he can try and outsprint defenders. He is fast, I'll give him that, but he lacks... well... everything else.

At least the coach was easy on him. Not. (about 35 seconds in to the video)

I will say, this would be a phenomenal marketing tool for Sporting KC because honestly, this is the first time I've ever even heard of them. Are they just the renamed Kansas City Wiz? I'm so confused.

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