Video of the Day 3/22/11 - Chris Brown is Over It Edition

This morning Chris Brown was on Good Morning America to take about the release of his new album F.A.M.E. which drops today. Robin Roberts, however, seemed to have a different agenda and wanted to only talk - still - about everything that went down between him and Rihanna two years ago. Chris Brown gets a little bit irritated, especially at the 1:50 mark.

Apparently afterward, he sang a song, went to his dressing room, threw himself a little temper tantrum, ripped his shirt off Hulk style, left and of course wrote something on Twitter.

I've always been pretty conflicted about Chris Brown because while I absolutely do not condone what he did in any way, at the same time, I can't help but turn his songs up just a little bit louder in the car. He makes good music. And I think he's served his time and took responsibility for his actions and all that. So yeah, I do think he's justified in being irritated when he comes on a show to promote his new album which is his pride and joy and yet all Robin Roberts can talk about is all the bad shit that's gone down in his life for the past two years.

Why bring it up at all? Yes, okay so you lead in with "hey last time we talked you weren't doing so hot..." but then why keep bringing it all up? I feel that's what Robin Roberts did here... she's talking about it just for the sake of talking about it. Let the poor guy move on with his music and his life. He knows this is something that is going to hang over him for a looooooong time. He certainly doesn't need Good Morning America reminding him of that.

Oh and CB? The platinum blonde dye job? Not a good look...

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