Is America Anti-Aniston?

Jennifer Aniston's newest movie "The Switch" opened in theatres last weekend and let's just say that it didn't exactly do well. The film earned only 8 million dollars and was outdone by "Pirahna 3D" and "Vampires Suck". No bueno Jen.

Yahoo ran an article from Forbes.com that talks all about how Aniston's bid to be queen of the romantic comedy is quickly falling short. It mentions that when she plays alongside another (usually more talented) actor, she does great. But when trying to carry a film on her own, she can't deliver.

Let's look at the last few films she's made:
2003 - Bruce Almighty
2004 - Along Came Polly
2006 - The Break Up
2008 - Marley and Me
2009 - He's Just Not That Into You
2009 - Love Happens
2010 - The Bounty Hunter
2010 - The Switch

Not a bad list. But there seems to be a common theme: she plays the same type of character over and over again. She's either the hot wife, the hot girlfriend, or a hot girl who can't quite seem to make love work.

She's Rachel Green. All the time.

Her character on Friends was fantastic. But maybe that's also been her downfall. I can't watch a movie of hers without seeing or hearing something that reminds me of Rachel. I can't move past her in that role. She's been typecast and she's not a versatile enough actress to break out of that. She can't do action, she can't really do drama, so she's left with playing the funny, aloof, kind of ditzy hot girl.

Being typecast isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn't really work once you hit 40 and your characters' lives are mirroring your real life. If we have to read about you in the tabloids wanting a baby or maybe having a baby, I don't also want to watch a movie where this is potentially happening. They talk about art imitating life but come on already...

I also do agree with the statement that her movies do better when she's acting alongside a strong actor. "The Break Up" was great because Vince Vaughn is hysterical. Same with "Along Came Polly" (Ben Stiller) and "Bruce Almighty" (Jim Carrey). "Marley and Me" was a little different because Owen Wilson is not in any way a good actor, but I think it was the puppy that made that movie more than anyone. She's just not a marquis actress. She's strongest in an ensemble and there's nothing wrong with that. So own it.

I'll be the first to say it: Jennifer Aniston is very pretty. But maybe it's time for her to give up on the whole acting thing. She can be a spokesperson and get paid from Friends royalties but maybe her time as America's sweetheart has passed.

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  1. Could be that she's a heinous crazy psycho lady and that's why she can't really act, except as a crazy psycho lady.