I Swear...

...if the onset dating between the Glee cast members ruins the show, I will not be pleased.

(Sidenote: Naya, you go girl.)

Glee returns in only a few short weeks and I of course have been reading all the rumors and some of the spoilers. Does this ruin the show for me? Nope. Because spoilers don't give away this magic:

So like I said, there's going to be a lot happening on the next season of Glee. But is it too much? I'm not gonna lie, I get a little bit worried that they're going to try to make every episode bigger and better and more performance oriented than the last and it could lose a lot of what makes it an incredible show.

Attention spoilers ahead.

First and foremost, much like the Madonna episode, there is going to be a Britney Spears-themed episode. But unlike the Madonna episode, Brit will actually make an appearance on the show. That is awesome. However, is this necessary? How does this flow in with the storyline? Apparently they go to the dentist or something, get hopped up on novocaine, and then hallucinate that they are singing Britney Spears songs.

Don't get me wrong... they're calling it a tribute to Britney's most fabulous days and I for one love me some fabulous Britney. "I'm a Slave 4 U" was my JAM in high school.

But I don't want Glee to go down the path of just episode after episode of karaoke-ing the hits of different celebs. A Madonna episode, a Lady Gaga episode, now a Britney episode? Obviously I know that at the end of the day they will work. it. out. because they are Glee. I mean anyone who can turn a Lady Gaga song into something I want to belt out in the car every day on the way to work is mega-talented.

It's always been such a well-rounded show that had a fantastic storyline that was complimented by even more fantastic singing. And I don't want it to shift to become fantastic singing and every once in a while there's a glimpse of a storyline.

Yet, something still tells me I will be completely and very very pleasantly surprised. It is Glee after all. Consider yourself warned LTD fans... there will be a Glee explosion come mid-September.

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