VideoS of the Day 4/7/10 - Plural Edition

There are some amazing videos out there right now.

Sooo if you didn't get the memo, Glee is back in six days. I love Glee. I will be posting something (possibly tonight - clearly I've got the blogging bug back) about why Glee is an amazing show. There will also be a countdown of the top-five moments/performances from last season. It's a Glee explosion.

To start off here is a teaser of the new season with some RIDIC singing by Lea Michele who plays Rachel. Not going to lie, I want to be her.

Shoutout to Julie for this video. This is Derek Hough and Chelsie Hightower dancing the Paso Doble with Mark Ballas on guitar. All three are pro dancers on Dancing with the Stars. I didn't watch the elimination show last night so any fans who did have already seen this. Spoiler alert: Buzz was voted off. But is that really a spoiler for anyone?

I've tried adjusting the embed code but for some reason it's not doing anything sooo the stupid video is wider than my blog is. Why doesn't YouTube offer the smaller versions anymore? Enjoy anyway.

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