This post doesn't really serve any purpose except to serve as a pep talk of sorts for myself and to say that the blog has kind of burned me out the last few weeks. No real reason. It just kind of turned into a chore for me. Something else to add on to the jam-packed days I'm already having. I don't really know where the time goes, but by the time I'm home I'm just too tired, lazy, disinterested, whatever you want to call it to turn the computer back on and put my thoughts into words.

This is not to say that life isn't going well for me right now. On the contrary, things are great. Work's a tiny bit stressful with the added workload and details of baseball season but stress happens. I think, more than anything else, for a little bit the blog just didn't really seem as important in the grand scheme of things. It literally just took a giant backseat to the rest of my life.

Then I started to wonder why I bother with this at all. What's the point? Who cares? Why do I feel like I constantly have to make what I say the funniest, wittiest, most analytical comments? Why am I putting this pressure on myself? I seriously felt like I was in some kind of competition to make what I had to say stand out above the rest and it just started to feel so silly. I briefly thought about shutting things down.

My brother finally put things into perspective for me when I told him about it. He said "Wow. You put way too much thought into it. You know like five people read our blogs but I write it anyway."

And he's right. I overthink everything so unnecessarily. I do this because I like to and that's that. If I can't for a few days, then I can't. It's not an assignment that's due or a deadline I have to meet. It's supposed to be fun and it's supposed to just happen. I feel like everything I write always has to be written with a purpose; that every word I choose has to be the perfect exact word. It doesn't.

So I'm back on the blogging train but with somewhat of a new attitude and just a new approach. Hope you're on board too.

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  1. blog for yourself. if other people enjoy it, sweet. but in the end, this should be for you and for your own well-being.