Why is This News?

Welcome to the new and improved version of Why is This News? Today we have two articles for your head-scratching pleasure.

In addition to asking myself "Why on earth is this news?", I also said a lot of things when I saw this article about Food Network sweetheart Paula Dean. The headline itself is enough to really make you wonder what these gossip sites subject us to. I mean I can kind of see it as it's a story about a celebrity who got hurt. But how many of you out there honestly know who Paula Dean is? I probably wouldn't if my mom didn't watch her every day. So I can see this story on Food Network's website but US Magazine? Seems like a stretch.

Plus they couldn't think of a headline that didn't involve "whacked" and "flying ham"? I think that's what makes this story the worst. Once again, I lend my media relations expertise and come up with: Paula Dean Doing Ok After Fluke Injury at Thanksgiving Food Drive.

Our next article is about the extremely talented actor Brad Pitt. Apparently his new look isn't going over so well with some in the celeb styling business.

I don't know why he has chosen to sport the beard but who cares? This goes up there with Ashlee Simpson dying her hair. I think my favorite part is when they bring in all of these "experts" to analyze exactly why he has decided to grow a beard. One Thousand Beards: A Cultural History of Facial Hair? Amazing.

Why is this news?

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