Welcome to the New and Improved LTD

Hello friends of Livin' the Dream!

Welcome to the new and improved home for your (hopefully) favorite spot for celeb gossip, ridiculous wedding planning stories, rants about the bike riders in Davis and oh so much more.

I've made the decision to continue LTD here on Blogspot or Google Blogger or whatever it's called because I was feelin a bit constrained over on Vox. I had a great time there but there were a few key aspects that I needed to completely fulfill my blogging experience. I couldn't rearrange my sidebar, I couldn't track how many people were reading, I just couldn't do a lot of the things that other people can do with their blogs.

Here's the catch. Another issue with Vox? Oh yeah, if you choose to leave there's no way to export your posts and import them to the new blog.

So we're starting all over again. But this is a good thing. New home, new look, maybe some new features. Maybe some new fans?

And congrats Nick... you can now post comments.

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