A Note to Boys Who Play Sports with Girls

I'm angry so here comes an angry post...

I recently joined a new co-ed soccer league with some people I know from work and some other randoms. We've played one game, we tied, I scored the tying goal.  Everyone on the team is very nice and seem happy to have me.  Then again, when a girl agrees to play on a co-ed team, usually they will be nice to you because they need you more than you need them.

So while I'm pretty happy with my own team, the team I played against was full of the whiniest, bitch ass guys I have ever met.  So pay attention boys who play sports with girls - this one's for you.

First and foremost, at all times you should remember that YOU are a guy and I am a girl.  I might shove you into a wall, I might shimmy-shake past you, and I might really get you fired up.  But remember.  I am a girl and you are a guy.  Control yourself.  Take the shove, take the juke out and man up.  Your precious male ego will live to see another day.  I promise.  Calling a girl half your size a "fat ass" and claiming that she almost broke your clavicle is not only super dramatic, but makes you look like a huge tool.  Sidenote: both of these things actually happened at our game last week.  By the same guy.

I know that there's a major problem with girls who play co-ed anything acting like... well like bitches frankly.  Trust me, the girls on this team last week were just as whiny as the guys, if not worse.  The girls in a co-ed league always think they have something to prove and this is definitely annoying.

But guys you don't have anything to prove.  This isn't your World Cup tryout and I'm sorry if you got rejected from that DI program six years ago.  But just calm down.  Play the game, score a few goals and just go about your day.

Thanks for listening.

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  1. I hate when people like that ruin the fun! I'm all for some competition, but sheesh!